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feeding on fruit


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Sugar-tasting ability and fruit selection in tropical fruit-eating birds.
Human-driven deforestation in the tropics of Brazil has caused a sharp decline among large fruit-eating bird populations.
The big fruit-eating bat Artibeus lituratus, is a Neotropical phyllostomid distributed from Sinaloa and Tamaulipas in northern Mexico to Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil (Simmons, 2005).
Fruit-eating birds can distinguish between ripe and unripe fruit on the basis of its sugar content.
But there's plenty going on here, as he reveals; for a start, white rhinos create essential nitrogen hotspots in Kenya, rat kangaroos control the Australian Outback's ecosystem, and fruit-eating maned wolves are crucial to the survival of Brazil's cerrado grassland.
A "T REX" leech with enormous teeth, a 6ft-long fruit-eating lizard and a glowing tree fungus are on a top 10 list of weird and wonderful new species.
ANSWERS: 1 Sicily; 2 The Picture Of Dorian Gray; 3 Anne of Cleves; 4 Animal (a nocturnal fruit-eating mammal); 5 Crystal Palace; 6 The Miracles; 7 Twenty-four; 8 Prince Andrew, Duke of York; 9 John Mitchell; 10 Cognac.
Moser thinks the eerie blue light that ripe bananas give off might help attract animals, like fruit-eating bats, that can detect UV light.
Orchardists have long been frustrated that current methods for scaring away fruit-eating birds are only effective in the short-term because birds learn to ignore the usual deterrents.
Its collection includes a wallaby, two green iguanas, snakes, possums, fruit-eating bats, birds, spiders and exotic ants.
Advertising and promotions manager Laraine Brown says: "In this country we need to create a fruit-eating culture, and at Capespan we believe the best way to do this is to base our marketing on the taste and the fun of eating their fruit.
Supposedly, less available vegetation for fruit-eating bats, along with "greater availability of livestock .
What common feature characterizes the fruit-eating bat, the guinea pig, and the red-vented bulbul?
Eventually their monkey collection reached 60 - not to mention a wallaby, two green iguanas, snakes, possums, fruit-eating bats, various birds, spiders and exotic ants.