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salad composed of fruits

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Exotic Fruit Salad (320g), Sainsbury's, PS2 each or two for PS3.
She worked with the food services to create a selection of fruit salads, garden salads, garden burgers, soft tacos, taco pockets, veggie corn dogs, veggie chicken nuggets, chocolate soymilks, fruit juices, and more.
More than 20 children at Newsham pre-school in Kensington showed her how to make a fruit salad.
Some of these fruit salads already looked very sad and insipid on the supermarket shelf, but our tester picked the best of the bunch - and found it quite tasty.
There are plenty of delicious possibilities - ranging from marinated vegetables to noodle and fruit salads.
Using AFG as its procurement base, Hazel Cleather, technical director, is developing the current range of tropical fruit salads to include mangoes, kiwifruit, lychees, physalis, pawpaws and citrus.
ISLAMABAD, April 23, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Summer is here, and so are the supplementary incidentals like juice, chaat, fruit salads and ice creams from roadside vends.
Redcurrants are great added to fruit salads or as a decorative garnish for desserts or cakes.
This is a refreshing way to spruce up green salads, fruit salads, sliced melon, fresh vegetables sticks, and even rice or pasta salads.
The company, which has been trading from its Kingsway home for 10 years, says the new plant will allow it to increase production of prepared fruit salads.
However, using traditional pectinases can sometimes cause an unattractive slimy pith that both makes them unpleasant to handle and unsuitable for quality fruit salads.
We particularly liked the flavorful Golden Balsamic, which is light in color, along with the lovely Red Raspberry that is designed to enhance fruit salads, marinades and dressings.
Tear fresh leaves into fruit salads and use it to garnish soups.
The curry dressing is also good with chicken or fruit salads.
For example, Thai food is a great complement to a basil/ginger infusion while fruit salads go wonderfully with fruit infusions.