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SkyPeople (China), together with its operating subsidiaries in China, is engaged in the production and sales of fruit juice concentrates, fruit beverages, and other fruit related products in the PRC and overseas markets.
Government advisors blame fruit juices for rises in obesity, type-2 diabetes and heart disease.
Replacing three servings of fruit juice per week with individual whole fruits reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes by 7%.
Researchers from the UK, USA and Singapore found that, in large-scale studies involving nurses, people who ate whole fruit, especially blueberries, grapes and apples, were less likely to get type 2 diabetes, which is obesity-related, but those who drank fruit juice were at increased risk.
Yilmaz said fruit juice sector in Turkey showed a 6 percent annual growth since 2009.
Labelling would be key as consumers did not always understand the difference between a 100% fruit juice and a fruit juice drink (which would still be allowed to contain added sugar), said Steve Cooper of sugar-free juice drink maker Feelgood Drinks.
The Middle East is a hot market for the fruit juice industry, according to the latest TGI surveys conducted by PARC (Pan Arab Research Company), in partnership with Kantar Media.
Tree Top Reduced Sugar 100% Fruit Juice is available in 48-ounce plastic bottles with a suggested retail price of approximately $3.
A study published today on the British Medical Journal's website, found that while eating whole fruits was associated with a lower risk of the condition, a greater consumption of fruit juice increased the risk.
Manufacturers promote soft drink beverages aggressively, and fruit juice drinks face strong competition from other soft drinks, including carbonated drinks, colas and processed coffees and teas.
The ingredients are water, natural high frutose corn sweetner, concentrated fruit juice, natural flavors and natural coloring.
Fruit juice: Per capita fruit juice consumption in 1999 dropped 7% from the year before, totaling 121.
One-two hours before a race: fruit juice, half banana, water.
Fruit juice is the healthiest drink caring parents can give their baby.