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3 million toward the delivery of the Fruit Fly Action Plan which includes the appointment of a state-wide coordinator.
Experts said 4 to 6 methyl euginol traps on per acre of land could be helpful to control fruit fly attack because the fly dies in traps.
Fermenting fruit or moist organic debris is necessary to complete the fruit fly life cycle.
To film fruit fly flight required years of refining a 3-D video monitoring setup.
This study, therefore, aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of 2 newly introduced chemical insecticides, lambda-cyhalothrin, deltamethrin, in comparison with the commonly used mercaptothion (malathion) to control melon fruit fly in cucumber under field conditions.
Hawaii is no stranger to fruit fly outbreaks, with ARS scientists leading the way in coming up with solutions.
To do this, they used genetic engineering techniques to boost the activity of the fruit fly equivalent of the PCG-1 gene.
In the traditional olive-growing regions of Europe and the Middle East, the olive fruit fly is the primary economic pest.
Scientists want to know how the fruit fly knows water because this information may help in learning how other animals--or even individual cells--manage to use water in the right way.
A 1995 NIH study focuses on male fruit flies that began mating with each other after their body chemistry was changed, In June 2005, scientists in Vienna report that a genetically altered female fruit fly attempted to mate with another female fruit fly instead of a male, suggesting sexual attraction is genetic.
Now research published in the 27 September 2002 issue of Science shows that, at least in some strains of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, overtranscription of a single gene may confer low to moderate DDT resistance.
Fistfuls of fruit fly larvae (wormlike developing young) are digging tunnels all over the sweet flesh.
A fruit fly lure and trap that combines chemical and visual stimuli to more effectively control fruit flies -- including the Mediterranean fruit fly, or medfly -- has been patented by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in Miami, Fla.
Also, since the white background does not allow the flies to breed more readily or offer another distinctive advantage the fruit fly genes feel it unnecessary to accommodate to the colored background.
In March, Celera, working with the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project, published the complete genome of that most important genetic research animal, the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.