fruit custard

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a custard containing fruit

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If you have room for dessert there is the fruit custard but that is certainly not worth saving one's appetite for.
From such delicacies as Green Tea Noodles with Scallops; to sophisticated entrees as Chili Longuine with Chermoula Chicken; to hearty fare like Beer-Battered Fish with Chunky Fries; to gourmet items such as Cabernet Beef with Lentils; to perfect meal time desserts like Passion Fruit Custard Potsk, "Dinner" will prove to be an instant favorite on any family cookbook shelf, and will prove a welcome and popular addition to community library cookbook collections.
The crackling sugar top broke to reveal a soft, summer fruit custard spiked with black pepper that had my taste buds dancing.
According to Beatriz Porto, owner of the bakery, assorted fancy platters will be filled with mini pastries, among them fruit custard tarts.
Desserts: fruits in mango puree, mango custards, fruit custards, fruit slices and fruit pies/puffs;