fruit cocktail

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a mixture of sliced or diced fruits

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Breakfast: Sausage patty, fruit cocktail, toast, milk, juice.
Currently, Diana Fruit is the largest processor of cherries for fruit cocktail and the 3rd largest supplier of maraschino cherries in the United States, and continues to take pride in producing the finest maraschino and fruit cocktail cherries in the world.
Share the porridge between 2 serving bowls and top with the fruit cocktail to look like the 'hair', 'eyes' and 'nose' and peach slices to look like the 'ears' and 'mouth'.
Instead, your Sounds Good VIP Hospitality Experience will include a premium viewing house seat so you can see the boys in all their glory, as well as complimentary bubbly or a fruit cocktail on arrival.
Then indulge in Dubai's trademark fresh fruit cocktail juices that will never disappoint the drinker.
THROUGH the sunshine and showers of Wimbledon fortnight, many bottles of one of Britain's most iconic drinks will be made into a colourful fruit cocktail, sold by the glass or the jug to eager crowds.
PORTOBELLO PUNCH (serves 8) 300ml Beefeater Market Edition Gin, 500ml good quality cider, 500ml cloudy apple juice, 300ml lime juice, 1 tin of fruit cocktail with syrup, 2 green apples (sliced), 2 limes (sliced).
Desert Whale debuted two new emollients: Fruit Cocktail and Lime Twist.
In 2010, they added a line extension of jarred and PET packaged sun-dried tomatoes to go alongside their extensive product line of canned apricots, fruit cocktail, fruit mix, peaches, California and Washington state grade pears, fire-roasted tomatoes, fire-roasted salsa, applesauce, cherries, tomatoes, pear-shaped tomatoes, organic fruits and tomatoes, plums, mandarin oranges, tropical fruits, pineapple, plastic fruit bowls, applesauce cups, and fruit-in-gel bowls.
The programmes included painting of batik motifs, flower making by using straws and colour ribbons, simple aerobics, Indonesian Mbiring Mangis dance, preparing of simple cake and fruit cocktail, toy caps and table napkin arrangements.
The brands include Hairoun beer in St Vincent, Kubuli beer in Dominica, Wadadli beer in Antigua, Guinness Stout, Loubiere Spring Water, Vitamalt and Fruit Cocktail.
People prefer to consume cherries mostly in its original shape, in fruit cocktail, sweet dishes, juice and the list runs long.
Grapefruit aroma," said Phil Simpson, "and fruit right through the flavor, tastes like fruit cocktail.
Heinz Fruit comes in a peaches, a fruit cocktail and a tropical fruit cocktail variant, and each 125g pot provides one of the recommended 5-a-day to tap into the trend for healthier lunchbox offerings.
A RAINBOW of fruity colours each flavour came through in its own section but together the effect was like a giant fruit cocktail which kept its flavour all the way down.