fruit cocktail

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a mixture of sliced or diced fruits

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Street food in Dubai includes shawerma, hommus, falafel and a customary fresh fruit cocktail juice.
Its fruit cocktail trifle - the first flavour it sold - is still its biggest seller.
Desert Whale debuted two new emollients: Fruit Cocktail and Lime Twist.
The programmes included painting of batik motifs, flower making by using straws and colour ribbons, simple aerobics, Indonesian Mbiring Mangis dance, preparing of simple cake and fruit cocktail, toy caps and table napkin arrangements.
The brands include Hairoun beer in St Vincent, Kubuli beer in Dominica, Wadadli beer in Antigua, Guinness Stout, Loubiere Spring Water, Vitamalt and Fruit Cocktail.
The birthday girl and my sister went for the melon fruit cocktail, while the new Mrs R chose prawn salad with egg mayonnaise.
People prefer to consume cherries mostly in its original shape, in fruit cocktail, sweet dishes, juice and the list runs long.
Grapefruit aroma," said Phil Simpson, "and fruit right through the flavor, tastes like fruit cocktail.
Heinz Fruit comes in a peaches, a fruit cocktail and a tropical fruit cocktail variant, and each 125g pot provides one of the recommended 5-a-day to tap into the trend for healthier lunchbox offerings.
When that happened, the pudding went into the trash instead of the refrigerator and we all ate a can of fruit cocktail (a nasty concoction that tasted like cardboard soaked in syrup).
Tonight's choice meets with their approval: tomato soup followed by either pies and pasties with baked beans and roast potatoes, hot dogs or a vegetarian pasta option, rounded off with plain sponge pudding, fruit cocktail and custard.
Friday: Chicken enchilada, refried beans, corn nibblets, fiesta coleslaw, fruit cocktail.
I'm back in New Orleans on Canal Street, where the Salvation Army offers me cold water, a baloney sandwich (I decline) and a fruit cocktail.
I had a fairly poor, well-done double cheeseburger, and a packaged fruit cocktail.