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cookies containing chopped fruits either mixed in the dough or spread between layers of dough then baked and cut in bars

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The campaign, which is being supported with a budget reported to be slightly less than $1 million, offers three examples of consumers relishing the frozen fruit bars in unexpected situations.
The problem in supplying Fruitus to schools is that page 20 of the School Food Trust standards classifies fruit bars as confectionery, outlawing them from schools.
Baobab Foods will initially offer two different Baobab consumer products - healthy fruit bars and a nutritious, ingredient drink mix.
Stretch Island Fruit Bars come in eight different flavors and are a wonderful treat to tuck into a lunch box.
In addition to its recent controversial connection with Weight Watchers, Wells' Dairy has extended it operations through the acquisition of the FrozFruit brand of gourmet frozen fruit bars.
By acquiring Fruit-a-Freeze, CoolBrands is positioned to develop a national presence in the growing frozen fruit bar segment.
fruit bars come in nine varieties: Apple + Apricot, Apple + Banana, Apple + Blueberry, Apple + Cherry, Apple + Mango, Apple + Pear, Apple + Pineapple, Apple + Strawberry, and Apple + Coconut.
Participants rated the whole-soy and real fruit bar at managing hunger and cravings, taste, and perceptions of healthfulness.
It means he can only watch his sister and pals down their chocolate snacks while he sticks to a special organic fruit bar.
Fusion Fruit bars come in a family of three, Fusion High Energy Nutrition Bar, Fusion Fruit Bar, and the All Natural Cholesterol Lowering bar.
He added: "The milk and fruit bar is for children aged seven to 11 as younger children already get it as part of the national free fruit scheme.
An ideal outfit to wear for a summer barbeque, unless the host runs out of lemons and you become the walking fruit bar.
The introduction of a salad and fruit bar at lunchtime and healthy menus from around the world has increased the number of pupils eating school lunches.
According to the company, a NutriPals Fruit Bar has nine times more fruit than a leading cereal bar, and come in three flavors: Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Blueberry.
Fruit-A-Freeze is a super premium fruit bar featuring chunks of fruit.