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Synonyms for fructify

become productive or fruitful

make productive or fruitful

bear fruit


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Already in his 1835 essay "De la situation des artistes" in La Revue et Gazette Musicale Liszt called explicitly for renovation, "progress," and openness to theatrical influences in religious music (this last an opinion he was later to repudiate), views which, significantly, ran counter to the neobaroque tendencies of the oratorio, while his further development included a lively appreciation of Gregorian chant, a cappella writing a la Palestrina (whose works he heard in the Sistine Chapel) and their fructifying effects on contemporary music.
On the contrary, he comically heightens the incongruous mismatch of high form and popular content, suggesting that the intercourse he stages between high and low is no more fructifying than that of his Lady Chatterley-like "Duchess" and his working-class Priapus "Tinker":
It must be enormously gratifying, and exhilarating, to you to realise how fructifying your discoveries and your influence has been.
On the contrary, they will be beneficial to Israel: And it shall pass in that day that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem (14:8), fructifying all lands east and west.
When do the fructifying ovaries of orchids in natural populations become targets of predation?
By the strategic adopted direction must be overcome the weaknesses in the field of ICT by the fructifying of existing opportunities.
Cranach's many paintings of the Madonna, her garments spreading like the final fructifying swell of a rose, record that womanhood has passed from its budding and most graceful state to its kindest and most endearing function, that of motherhood.
Far from rallying all experience around a kind of mantic or militant lyric core, Shelley's "eye," his creative imagination, concerned with "the percipient's mediation with the scene in question" (190), operated in a fructifying interchange which accommodated all variety of textual, geographical, and natural phenomena.
Giving women new rights to assets acquired during marriage (article 49); regarding this issue of management by husband and wife, of the property acquired during marriage, and while confirming the principle of separate estate for each of them, the couple may agree, in a document other than the marriage contract, on how to manage and invest the assets acquired jointly during marriage; in case of disagreement, they shall resort to the judge who shall base his assessment on general regulations of proof to determine the contribution of each of the spouses in fructifying the family assets;
This inseparability between the gifts of baptism and the dynamic power of the Spirit unifying and fructifying the Church lead one to say: where there is the manifestation of the indwelling Spirit, there the Church dwells.
Both the Symbolist resistance in the 1890s and the Dada and Surrealist resistance in the 1920s and 1930s had a reinvigorating, fructifying effect on the object of their resistance, and pure painting emerged all the stronger--all the stronger in its dominance--from their opposition.
It is they who fill our pages and make us grateful as much for their engaging prose as for their fructifying insights.