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Synonyms for fructify

become productive or fruitful

make productive or fruitful

bear fruit


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Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Sept 12 ( ANI ): The National Conference on Tuesday anticipated that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will fructify his promise for Kashmiri's which he made from the ramparts of Red Fort during his Independence Day speech.
ADEC added in its campaign launch statement: "As a result of a successful year of innovation in 2015, ADEC is eager to carry on its mission to graduate a competent generation of scientists, researchers and innovators who will help fructify the future for the Emirate -- which can only happen through strengthening a passion for reading, learning and knowledge seeking.
Likewise in the Nokia case asking for payment of huge demands which are yet to fructify will not stand India in a good stead.
The decision to save is easy enough in the abstract, but when it causes one to skip the daily shopping expeditions, for instance, willpower often falters, and good intentions remain just that - intentions that never fructify into results.
And that kind of public commitment can come only if the system caters to the people's urgent needs and demands and provides them the enabling environment to fructify their innate capabilities, talents and merit to grow into flourishing fuller human beings.
For appoint of resistance to drought stress two kinds of autumnal Rapeseed and survey of component of their function in conditions of treatment for examination drought stress and regular irrigation (witness), examination in case of split plot in form of complete basis project block in three repetitions that which the irrigation was the main factor in seven levels: consist of regular irrigation (witness), cutting irrigation in stage of tillering, cutting irrigation in stage of flowering, cutting irrigation in stage of fructify, cutting irrigation in stage of tillering and flowering, cutting irrigation in stage of tillering and fructify, and cutting irrigation in stage of flowering and fructify and also the accessory factor in two levels consist of Zarfam & Opera varieties.
Naresh Gujral is said to have mediated to fructify the alliance between BJP and TDP.
As the author mentions, "the states should acquire the orientation and vision that would allow them to fructify the opportunities provided by the globalization, by the transformation of the national values into competitive advantages" (p.
Clearly Rajnath Singh's job was an unenviable one at the moment for he knows that either way the party is screwed - not taking Advani along will destroy the BJP from within as well and the party has already suffered as much indignity as it could in this unseemly race to a position that may ultimately not even fructify for either Modi or the BJP.
The primarily objective for the ceasefire is also to fructify meaningful political dialogue between the Government of India and the Naga underground leaders.
We understand that the investment banking tends to be volatile-when you work on a transaction, you know that sometimes it may take a long time to fructify or may not happen at all.
Domestic and foreign businessmen have been rightly deploring the large number of approvals required for investments to fructify, delays in land acquisition and in getting environment clearances, problems in electricity supply, water shortages, the numbers of inspections and permissions needed, making India among the most difficult countries to start a new business.
So, attempts to build up a just society will need ages to fructify.
India, say the officials, has taken the lead in accelerating the paperwork on the corridor so that it can fructify at a time when New Delhi will be looking for routes to evacuate hydrocarbons and mineral concessions it plans to gain in Central Asia and the Caucasus as well as benefit from the Russia-Kazakhstan-Byelorussia customs union which will by then have expanded to include other Eurasian countries.
It was reported that quoting a person close to the development, a blueprint is being created to increase Fiat's presence in India with new models and, if these plans fructify, the new launches will be outside the 50:50 joint venture Fiat has with Tata Motors to make cars for the two companies as well as transmissions and engines.