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Synonyms for fructify

become productive or fruitful

make productive or fruitful

bear fruit


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The research efforts focused over many decades on structural, functional and molecular issues on disorders of nervous system have fructified in development of newer therapeutic strategies.
Antonia, who can solve any natural problem, takes her to the city and by a happy mistake, to a home for unwed mothers, where they meet the vivacious and hugely pregnant Letta (Wimie Wilhelm), a woman who does not necessarily like getting pregnant or raising children, but unabashedly loves the fructified state of pregnancy.
In her lay a Godframed Godgiven preformed possibility which thou hast fructified with thy modicum of man's work.
But when it came to the fo re and the sapling fructified, he grabbed all the honour from the Federation of Pakistan Chambers when it passed a resolution at its general meeting in Rawalpindi, appreciating his service to the cause.
Also between missions, he was a resident of 'Tara', that famous flat in Cairo, run by the Countess Sophie Tarnowska, where bonds of lasting friendship fructified -- famous names such as Paddy Leigh Fermor, Billy Moss, Xan Fielding, Peter Kemp, Billy McLean and Rowland Winn, all of whom, except Paddy, turned up in Thailand.
BCCI's ambition of making its website the best in the country has not fructified as per the target set -- to coincide with the start of the 2014- 15 domestic season.
While the efforts put in by the State Govt of Nagaland to contain the fires have fructified in certain areas, a large portion of forested area east of Mt Japfu is largely inaccessible by foot and continues to smolder.
Excellence of education in public schools is the prerequisite for path-breaking pursuits in higher education -- the two are inextricably linked -- and investment in a strong and dynamic research environment in national higher education bastions, ensures the connect is fructified.
The industry needs to come together and put in a lot of thoughts about the issues involved like the availability of space for sale despite increasing rent, expected growth of tier 2 and tier 3 cities not having fructified, unsold inventory being at an all time high even as prices continue to rise etc.
But major projects like the development of longrange surface- to- air missiles and setting up an ammunition factory for artillery guns in Bihar have not fructified.
A decision to permit foreign carriers to invest in the airline industry in India (upto 49%) has already resulted in 3 major investment proposals getting fructified.
The month long labor, hard work and practice of the participants were finally fructified when they were felicitated with gold and silver medals and trophies.
100 billion in ethanol and coal-based power industries which have not fructified due to lack of policy support from the central government," Nitish said.