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organs of fruiting (especially the reproductive parts of ferns and mosses)

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brasiliense blooms between Jul and Sep (dry period) with fructification from Oct and Jan (rainy season) (Leite et al.
Again Elder Sophrony of Essex (1896-1993), the disciple and biographer of Saint Silouan the Athonite (1866-1938), shared with his friend the Catholic priest David Balfour, who later converted to Orthodoxy, his understanding concerning silence, an understanding that emanated from his inner fructification.
The sliced sclerotia were seeded into the bags containing the substrates and watered enough to create a humid environment required for fructification.
To make myself clear, the fructification of the feminist quest for equality in the youth movement's demand for social justice have led to the visibility of scattered and much more localized, movements of protests led by women in many poor urban neighborhoods and rural areas.
And the message was clear: let's build on what is already available and ensure its fructification before moving to found some new projects.
With the beginning of the process of foliation, flowering, and fructification, the N absorbed by the leaves is continuously reused and the values of the N% decrease, reaching a minimum with the flowering process in course (October) and maximum leaf area (starting November) (10), (11), (14), (15).
With fructification of various acquisition proposals that have been concluded in the last three years, the service would have a force-level of 150 ships and 100 aircraft, in addition to 42 Stations, and 15 Air Units by the year 2018.
As FICCI's expertise lay in value creation, ground-level fructification of solid business, trade, enhancement and facilitation of 'real investment flows', it would also like to see Indian-Qatari partnership focused on sharing of expertise in the wide areas of mutual cooperation, said Sahney, adding that FICCI looked forward to receiving a high-powered investors' delegation from Qatar very soon.
These patterns suggest that plants flowering during the rainy season show a longer fructification than flowering period, such as Cesar-Garcia (2002) recorded for other species in our study area.
a new cellular slime mold with coremiform fructification.
The fructification rate of this survey was similar to that found in Rodriguezia bahiensis Rchb.
The more, frequently the productivity and quality of mushroom crops are not exactly predictable because cultivation processes are not benefiting too of controllable and repeatable environment parameters as well as these parameters' continuously monitoring and adapting to different production phases (as incubation and fructification are).