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Synonyms for frowzy

smelling of mildew or decay

Synonyms for frowzy

negligent of neatness especially in dress and person

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The photos document banal, depopulated surroundings: a dismal dance club, a closed church door, a frowzy dining room with plastic tablecloths and deer heads on the walls, each described simply in terms of its location: Entrance of Anguish, Anguish at Night, House of Anguish, and so on.
Jonathan Swift, that literary genius and archcynic describes his mistress Celia's dressing room with its pettycoats in frowzy heaps and its all-important dressing table covered in slutty disarray with "gally-pots and vials" half filled with "paint or slops" or combs equally filled with, "sweat, dandruff, powder, lead paint and human hair" When a woman sat at her dressing table, male cynics observed that she "endeavoured to be as much like any other creature as she possibly could.
As the audience enters the theater, we find a frowzy, gray-haired woman is already asleep in a La-Z-Boy recliner at the center of a small, cluttered living room set that adjoins a larger, empty stage area.
Along the waterfront in Windsor, just across the river from Detroit, was a "huddle [of] frowzy little hotels and boarding houses which act as clearing houses for the smugglers," according to one journalist.
14) The 1871 reporter's jeremiad on Boston tenements is particularly revealing: "these same beastly abominations, these pestilent stench-holes, reeking with frowzy fluids .
When it returned in the spring season, Agon looked cool and sleek instead of frowzy, with Peter Boal back from an injury, Maria Kowroski devouring the space about her, and Jock Soto flawlessly manipulating Wendy Whelan or Monique Meunier through the nail-puzzle intricacies of the pas de deux.
You're scared to your bones that your sad history will repeat itself, that he'll ditch you, that you'll get fat and frowzy again and feel worthless and totally unlovable.
His footage of the frowzy headed troubadour almost never came to light.