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negligent of neatness especially in dress and person

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Actress Alyson Spiro, who has played the frowsy farmer's wife with careful control, must find her new punchy persona is like, well, Alyson wonderland.
On the other hand, the masters can muster only a frowsy, dumpy, costume-party pseudo-elegance.
At one end are those frowsy opportunists who specialise in alsatians, faded bunting and a lop-sided caravan for an office.
She lay there on the bed all frowsy and rumpled looking, pulling out curly cotton nubs one at a time from the old chenille bedspread.
The frowsy lowbrow Ford is finally having greatness thrust upon it.
Having finally sloughed off centuries of frowsy old families, we are setting up a new chain of dynasties that look set to be just as vacuous and in-bred as the last.
One can sense the strength of her sharp claws as she prepares her den for winter, and smell the frowsy warmth as she settles into a deep sleep before giving birth to her three cubs.
You could always spot the stay-at-home mothers; they tended to be frowsy, overweight, and whatever brains they'd had were extinguished by years of 'Get yer coat on, where's yer gym kit, what do you mean 'homework' you never cowing said last night'.
The play takes place in real time and on one set, the frowsy office shared by Butley and Joey.
I'm homesick for the peace and quiet of the subway in this terrible flat city full of pink and green stucco and frowsy palms.
On each page the representation fills about 1/2 to 1/3 of the page, and displays the old lady with her knit cap, buttoned jacket, gloves, frowsy skirt, skinny peppermint striped tights, warm socks and boots, AND her rotund, happy little dog.
The country club, Neon fast-food strip, tanning salon, Emerge from seeming nowhere into time, Young for an hour, frowsy for a day.
The illustrations gathered by curator Masumeh Farhad date from the 14th to 16th centuries, well after Frowsy wrote his poem late in the culturally brilliant Samanid dynasty,.
Discerning drinkers have long favoured The Head of Steam Pubs which provide a haven for those seeking something a little more distinctive and civilised than disco bars crammed with stag parties or frowsy local town centre boozers.