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showing displeasure or anger

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Yet with a chronic lack of resources and thought having gone into defending ourselves from it, sincere frowning is about the only tactic left available to the Prime Minister.
The same is true for frowning less: People who frown less report experiencing more positive feelings.
Lot # 2 Blackout curtains 1100, Curtains frowning 3800 Sheers stretched 450, PVC rods 600, 700 rail rods, aluminum rods 50, 50 Venetian Blinds, Blinds vertical blades 50.
In addition, there are indications that frowning increases the perception of effort (Larsen et al.
So, locally at least, the world of the councillor is a frowning one.
Vadala--who started with The Summit twenty-five years ago and has been their leader since 1995--went from frowning upon point-of-purchase lending to controlling the game.
Several Bulgarian dailies circulated last week a picture of Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naydenov frowning as he tries spinach soup at a nursery school in Sofia that he visited together with Fandakova.
Comics and people in our industry don't get old because they're not frowning as much
The patients were then treated with botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, to deactivate the muscles in the forehead that cause frowning and asked to read the same statements again.
AoThere is a heritage that we have incorporated in daily life, that a man is not supposed to laugh or even smile easily, though we [Jordanians] are not people of gloom or unkindness it may look like we are somewhat frowning a lot,Ao he said.
Far from frowning, a 10-year-old Robert is pictured smiling away on the back row (fifth from right).
Patients were photographed by means of standardized facial photography both at rest and at maximum frowning.
It turns out that her extreme physiognomy manipulation followed her getting hold of the results of new research about frowning and how to stop it.
The Home Office admitted it was unreasonable to ban photographs of children aged five and under smiling, frowning or with their mouths open.
In Treadwell, NY, 1992, the pudgy, photogenic girl, wearing a rabbit-ear headdress, her head cocked to one side, sits frowning alone among withered leaves on the side of a hill.