frown upon

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look disapprovingly upon


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And Laurie folded his hands together with such and imploring gesture, as he spoke in his irresistibly persuasive tone, that it was impossible to frown upon him in spite of his scandalous behavior.
The worry of nursing her husband had fixed a plaintive frown upon her forehead; she was pale and looked unhappy and more than usually inefficient, and her eyes wandered more vaguely than ever from point to point.
The Church, the nobles, and the gentry then turned one grand, all- disapproving frown upon them and shriveled them into sheep
As Arthur looked at it again, he saw, by the reflection of the mirror, Tattycoram stop in passing outside the door, listen to what was going on, and pass away with an angry and contemptuous frown upon her face, that changed its beauty into ugliness.
said the boy, with a confused and pondering frown upon his face, 'It IS that Wrayburn one
Mary sat down among the flat cushions, lit another cigarette, and listened with a frown upon her face.
We frown upon football hooligans from England yet we love the work of Shakespeare," he said.
When DiMario's daughter is kidnaped, he has no idea what to do and may be forced to do things that his Lord would frown upon to defend the ones he loves from a sadistic group of people who out to destroy him.
How can we be expected to frown upon the ignorant who cheer on course when a horse falls when we have a bookmaker prepared to offer odds on that very eventuality?
Some ultra-Orthodox Jews frown upon Kabbalah being taught to non-Jews, particularly women.