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masturbation by rubbing against another person (as in a crowd)

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Using a technique called frottage, Puryear goes out into nature, spreads a canvas across a large rock and, using broad brush strokes, covers the canvas with a coat of paint.
The advert referred to the act of frottage - deriving sexual pleasure by rubbing yourself against another person.
Texas, ask yourself what common features unite the following practices: female nudity, beastiality, tribadism, pederasty, irrumation, flagellation, masochism, sadism, mixoscopia, frottage, and cunnilingus.
Also from 1939, there is a little frottage with pencil and gouache on gray paper which is called "Apatrides.
Using sketchbooks in my classes can mean collecting cool magazine images, doing frottage rubbings, sketching, of designing.
Malin noted that the patient's sexual behavior did not involve frottage or toucherism, the hair had no talismanic or fetishistic value either before or after it was cut, and the patient took great care to ensure that his customers didn't discover what he was doing.
Logically enough, the section then quickly moves through an introduction of the clitoris as a pleasure-making part of the body, oral sex, and frottage (35-37).
Probably the easiest one to start with is frottage which simply entails taking a plastic bag or screwed up paper and blotting the wall randomly.
Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary (1994) defines frottage as "paraphilia in which sexual arousal or orgasm is achieved by rubbing up against another person, who is unaware of the activity, as when pressed close to others in a crowd, usually without specific genital contact.
Children who sexually abuse and molest others may engage in a range of paraphiliac activities from fondling, frottage, dry humping, vaginal or anal penetration, or any other type of aggressive sexualized behavior.
Most have more than one area of sexual deviance, including such activities as voyeurism, frottage (robbing up against people), sadism, homosexual as well as heterosexual pedophilia, and rape.
Her "Basic Research" paintings, in which Genzken squeegeed oil paint across canvas placed flat on her studio floor, evoke demonstrations of indexical mark-making from Surrealist frottage to process art; and her "More Light Research" paintings, in which she stenciled images of designer lamps and other abstract forms with spray paint or lacquer on canvas or fiberboard, allude to the experiments with light by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and his Bauhaus colleagues.
Stumps of thick black crayons and a variety of old floor-tile samples were used to incorporate frottage (rubbing) elements into empty areas of the compositions, especially around the edges.