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masturbation by rubbing against another person (as in a crowd)

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The works on display at four venues throughout the city delve beyond his celebrated "Decollages" and "Retro d'Affiches" (made with torn advertising posters, some vintage) and include photographic reproductions, "Artypos," frottages, sculptures, "Blanks," and "Sovrapitture" (Overpaintings).
Max Ernst's frottage, collage and other forms of disrupting the paper surface are a liberating technique, even if Parekh controls the final results with calculated precision.
el frottage del paramento exterior del muro, para copiar la ventana con sus relieves (Figura 2, Figura 3)
This work, done in pencil frottage and collage on paper, depicts a disembodied hand unable to catch two butterflies hovering above.
Estos procedimientos depuran respecto a los ya clasicos del collage y frottage, la accion no voluntaria del artista y superan definitivamente el abandono figurativo.
Mona Houghton (author); FROTTAGE AND EVEN AS WE SPEAK; What Books Press (Fiction: General) 14.
While Brigitte resists Ginger's supernatural advances, the wailing guitars and grinding motions of Ginger's body against Brigitte's in the piercing scene is a metaphor of penetration, or at least a mutual experience in erotic frottage.
The experience of child sexual abuse can include physical contact such as unwanted touching, fondling, frottage, masturbation, oral-genital contact, digital penetration, and vaginal and anal intercourse.
For the creation of her frottage drawings, handmade books, earthworks and installations conceived from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s, Michelle Stuart travelled extensively, visiting indigenous and Pre-Columbian sites throughout the Pacific and the Americas, inspired by the travel of Enlightenment Age explorers.
These fragile little works are pieced together quickly from thin card, cut, and then worked in frottage, monoprint, conte crayon, and acrylic.
En entrega de la semana anterior, Raquel Tibol acoto los lineamientos fundamentales del movimiento surrealista, y ahora se centra en la intensa y valiosa produccion del artista aleman Max Ernst, creador del frottage y del grottage.
Algunos de ellos se inclinaron mas por los metodos que, si bien involucraban un cierto grado de premeditacion, permitian disipar casi por completo el control de la razon y del gusto: ahi estaban, entre otros, Max Ernst, inventor del frottage (tecnica que consiste en frotar un lapiz sobre un papel colocado encima de una superficie rugosa para desencadenar, decia Ernst, "una sucesion alucinante de imagenes contradictorias, que se sobreponen unas a otras, con la persistencia y la rapidez de los recuerdos amorosos") y Andre Masson, quien se dio a la tarea de acallar la conciencia de si mismo, en provecho de la mano que dibuja (para lo cual, podia pasar dias enteros sin comer o sin dormir hasta poner completamente en duda sus aptitudes como dibujante).
Mediante la tecnica de calco o frottage se consiguieron imagenes de las obras rupestres en escala 1:1, es decir, de igual tamano a los disenos presentes en la roca, respetando el trazo original de los grabados, e incluso, de las particularidades estructurales de las piedras.
The latter clearly covets a more serious sort of frottage, falling for the pompously dressed Dali from the moment he arrives, and early scenes find the two budding talents coyly eyeing one another, endearingly awkward in their advances.
Steward seek to counter the whitewashing of Thornton Wilder's sexuality in biographies that depended upon the goodwill of Wilder's highly protective sister/executor by offering his own memoir of Wilder's ejaculating after only ninety seconds of frottage.