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Synonyms for frothy

Synonyms for frothy

consisting of or resembling foam

amusing but essentially empty and frivolous


Synonyms for frothy

emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation

marked by high spirits or excitement

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The drink has a very thin consistency when made with water and there is little evidence of the 'creamy cappuccino-style frothy top.
The research team evaluated the MDCT images for the presence of fluid and sediment in the paranasal sinuses and airways, fluid in the ear, frothy fluid in the airways, obscured "ground-glass" appearance or thickening in the lungs, and swelling, fluid or sediment in the stomach.
Pennsylvania voters poured into the polls to vote against the frothy mix and by doing so earned themselves the love and gratitude of a grateful nation.
95), a golden glitter, frothy frenzy of uplifting, zesty sweet orange oil, tangerine and lemon essential oils that gently cleanse, speed up the elimination of toxins and improve skin tone.
Asti Spumante is always far nicer than people imagine ( or remember ( frothy and deliciously grapey.
Drawn from such varied publications as Interview, Spin, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and even the Onion, the style and content of these selections range from whimsical to scholarly to frothy to profound.
In Zuerst die Fusse (First Defeat), 1990, his apotheosis as an ugly green frog (never a prince), crucified with a mug of frothy beer in hand, acquires much deeper resonance than it did ten or fifteen years ago, as does the abject figure who stands with his face to the wall in Martin, Go in the Corner, Shame on You, 1989.
Frothy competition compressed the cap rate down to what Howell described as "a number commensurate with most other Manhattan office properties these days.
That's the frothy offer from GM Daewoo under a special March PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) plan through which a new 1-litre Matiz SE+ five door hatchback can be yours for pounds 2.
A blob of frothy bubbles on the stem of a plant in your garden, or froth and a hanging droplet beneath a leaf (see photos, page 104), are signs of the presence of an unusual and interesting insect.
Temporal trends which sweep over and all too readily reshape other churches and societies seem to break apart as nothing more than frothy waves when they come up against 'the rock' of St.
recently introduced the Gourmet Whip, a kitchen tool that is used to prepare frothy warm sauces, flavored whipped creams and the popular new trend Espumas, the Spanish word for foams.
Another holiday party favorite, punch is sure to conjure up days gone by reminiscent of cut glass bowls and ladles filled with frothy, sliced fruit-topped potions, spiked and unspiked.
Yet every now and then, a beautiful turn of phrase appears like "the wind hiked up Lake Michigan's blue skirt, showing off the frothy white slip underneath.
At its head, 198-foot Palouse Falls twists in a frothy rope off the lip of a large basalt amphitheater.