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Synonyms for frothy

Synonyms for frothy

consisting of or resembling foam

amusing but essentially empty and frivolous


Synonyms for frothy

emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation

marked by high spirits or excitement

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The frothy head remained intact and the smooth drink had a full-on chocolate flavour and tasted milky even though it was made with water.
Investigations are ongoing after the river running through Jesmond Dene in Newcastle appeared to have turned frothy yesterday.
GALAXY 'Frothy Top' - the only hot chocolate you can buy with a creamy "cappuccino-style" frothy top, giving you all the luxury of a coffee-shop hot chocolate in the comfort of your own home.
It's a spin on the classic cocktail and we've added egg whites to make it nice and frothy.
Exactly seven grams are weighed out before being brewed and poured into a heated coffee cup, which helps form a frothy layer on top, and can be served with or without sugar.
The frothy little bubbles will massage muscles, release a fruity scent, and leave kids feeling refreshed and full of energy (Well, maybe right before bedtime is not the best time to use them.
The sell: Galaxy Frothy Top product will enable consumers to create the luxury of a coffee shop experience in their own lounge, claims Mars
Autopsy findings that support the diagnosis of drowning include but are not limited to frothy fluid in the airways or lungs, hyperinflated and congested lungs and fluid in the stomach or paranasal sinuses.
In a nutshell: Frothy French import a must for Francophiles.
And while Rick Santorum may be gone, the word for the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex will live on for all time.
As singer, songwriter, primary musician, and producer, Darren whips up an infectiously frothy and positive musical confection.
95), a golden glitter, frothy frenzy of uplifting, zesty sweet orange oil, tangerine and lemon essential oils that gently cleanse, speed up the elimination of toxins and improve skin tone.
Drawn from such varied publications as Interview, Spin, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and even the Onion, the style and content of these selections range from whimsical to scholarly to frothy to profound.
The new Raspberry Julius Original is now available, joining the list of other Julius Originals including the famous and frothy Orange Julius Originals that helped found the company in 1926 and have been a customer favorite ever since.
In Zuerst die Fusse (First Defeat), 1990, his apotheosis as an ugly green frog (never a prince), crucified with a mug of frothy beer in hand, acquires much deeper resonance than it did ten or fifteen years ago, as does the abject figure who stands with his face to the wall in Martin, Go in the Corner, Shame on You, 1989.