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Synonyms for frothing

producing or covered with lathery sweat or saliva from exhaustion or disease


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As they had approached the limits of the city they had witnessed the actions of the bull ape as he bolted into the building, frothing with rage.
She has good company with Mike Markey, who comes to the meeting thinking he is still in Compton with all its racial/economic problems and is frothing at the mouth to gab at anyone that disagrees or even tries to use any reasoning that will take longer than 30 seconds.
The unique patented frothing disk delivers maximum milk froth with minimum effort.
Nespresso, global manufacturer of coffee from the Nestle Group has launched the Aeroccino, a stainless steel frothing device.
The pitcher and frothing accessories are dishwasher safe and easily removable, making for easy clean up.
With the frothXpress system, frothing and steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos is completely automatic cup after cup.
Other key developments were the introduction of frothing technology by DuPont in 1961, which allowed for faster cavity filling and lower and more uniform foam densities.
The very last step that required a tiny amount of labor, frothing or steaming the milk, has now been eliminated with the introduction of the Jura-Capresso Impressa Z5, which makes cappuccinos or lattes with one push of a button.
An automatic frothing and steaming attachment from joint venture Jura-Capresso is now available as an add-on accessory for the branded super-automatics.
achieved either via different lactation stages within cows or varying animal feed can impact frothing.
Two stainless steel Thermoblock heating systems ensure uninterrupted use, with no downtime between brewing and frothing.
The Impressa S9 is the first automatic coffee and espresso center to offer advanced multiple frothing options.
Encapsulated gas blend emerges pre-expanded to final bulk density, unlike conventional frothing equipment.
Its patent-pending frothing disk creates a perfect frothing action that gently whips air into the milk, cream or half and half.
With two frothing options, the dual frother and the automatic froth Xpress Plus System, the waiting time is limited.