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Synonyms for frothing

producing or covered with lathery sweat or saliva from exhaustion or disease


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Flotation cells require precise control of compressed air because the frothing process efficiency is based on the speed of the froth as it moves from the surface of the slurry to the recovery area.
Using a unique patented frothing disk, the unit froths automatically with a quick touch of a button, creating foamed or steamed milk with perfect consistency.
He had a real go at us and was frothing at the mouth.
The MILK2froth connects to any espresso machine that has a frothing nozzle and milk adaptor, regardless of the machine's brand, the company said.
MIBC (methyl isobutyl carbinol), a widely used frothing agent, was used.
Frothing and steaming equipment varies in price, too.
Arkema has previously demonstrated TDCE's effectiveness in reducing the vapor pressure and viscosity of 134a/polyol premixes and in dramatically reducing the degree of frothing and number of pinholes (see "Learn More" box).
This fantastic machine, capable of frothing up to eight cups at once, effortlessly creates an endless choice of chocolaty treats.
Analysts and investors are already frothing for visible change.
There the unfortunate symptoms are frothing apocalypticism, fractured reasoning, knee jerking, and involuntary eye rolling.
SIR - What a relief to read Hannah Jones's article on soaps "that leave the viewers frothing.
Equipped with a pump and a heating system to create steam, it required hands-on operation during the frothing process.
Scientists at Louisiana State University (Department of Dairy Science, 111 Dairy Science Building, Baton Rouge, LA 70803) have determined that storage and handling are the factors that mostly affect milk's performance as a frothing agent in hot beverages.
Extra care must be taken where the collector used also has frothing properties.
They are also used to stabilize the resulting polymer latex and others are used as frothing agents.