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Synonyms for frothy

Synonyms for frothy

consisting of or resembling foam

amusing but essentially empty and frivolous


Synonyms for frothy

emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation

marked by high spirits or excitement

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The frothier side of his day came at Coronation Street, when he enjoyed a pint with Rovers hosts Jack and Vera Duckworth and their sexy barmaid Raquel.
Camel milk is saltier and frothier than cow milk and some people expect those qualities will be reflected in the ice cream when they try it for the first time.
There really was no mezzanine market in the late 1990s and we found that a lot of equity investors, as the market grew frothier, were not looking to pay as much as the market wanted in order to win an acquisition.
Deal pipelines are robust in the US US deal pipelines are frothier than their global peers, with 41% of US companies saying they have five or more deals in their pipelines versus 23% globally.
There is still a high volume of applications for roles, but the market is getting frothier and this has been felt by candidates.
Gillespie is a visionary with a steely resolve and exactly the man Racing For Change should turn to in order to add real substance to some of its frothier concepts.
It seethed, and spilled down the sides of the stainless steel vessel; the small, shrunken man smiled--he provoked the boiling milk with a spoon--it became frothier and frothier, hissing with outrage" (214).
For a much cheaper, frothier and fun alternative Italian Prosecco is a good choice.
2 percent of its roughly $153 billion (Canadian) invested in real estate, said that it waited out the frothier prices of the pre-recession boom.
A central theme of the method is that intangible assets are present when there are excess earnings, with these excess earnings representing a frothier (or less certain) level of earnings.
Soon Saturn will go direct, and with the arrival of the vivacious Venus in the most delightful of zones for fun and perhaps even frolics, a lighter and frothier vibe beckons.
This book is one of Bold Strokes' "Matinee" series, which are meant to be shorter and frothier, to be fair.
Women swing their hips a little wider as they walk, men lengthen their stride and seem to fit their suits more suavely, smiles are broader, and pints are frothier.
One of Miss Christie's frothier concoctions, the play starts when the rather over-imaginative Clarissa, wife of a Foreign Office diplomat, wonders what might happen if she were one morning to find a dead body in the library - and promptly finds out.