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perennial of the eastern United States having early solitary yellow flowers followed by late petalless flowers

tall perennial herb having clusters of white flowers

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Herbaceous layers of the forest along the Bosque River were similar to those reported for bottomland forests of north-central Oklahoma (Rice, 1965) where wingstem (Verbesina alternifolia), instead of frostweed and Virginia wildrye (Elymus virginicus) instead of Canada wildrye, was reported.
Dominant forbs, based on a combination of percentage of hits and biomass at peak standing crop, varied locally among giant ragweed, pigeonberry, and frostweed.
Frostweed usually has been viewed as a species typical of middle stages of succession (Tyrl et al.
Page 8: Oxeye Daisy, Frostweed Stare back through these two eyes, plucked from lowing fields, your firmament of milky suns.
San Antonio area residents can lure Monarchs to their yards relatively easily by planting milkweed, also known as "butterfly bush," and other butterfly-friendly plants like cut-leaf daisy, pentas, frostweed, lantana and others.