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Synonyms for frostiness

Synonyms for frostiness

coldness as evidenced by frost

a silvery-white color


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As for the interview, you have to commend Rossy for the way he dealt with the double handicap of her initial frostiness and the really annoying whooping from her fans in the audience.
Amid all the flare-ups and frostiness, culminating in the 'Duel in the Desert' showdown also known as 'Abu Double', Formula One presented a compelling storyline at the start of a new V6 turbo hybrid era.
The United States may on paper be allergic to Iran, but that frostiness cannot continue indefinitely, for it is neither in Iran's nor America's interests.
Both men played down their mutual dislike in the build-up to Monday's clash, but the frostiness was clear last night.
Separately, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met on the APEC sidelines for what was described as an ice-breaking meeting, although photos of the two leaders' official handshake exuded frostiness.
The next day Cameron was highly critical of Iranian policy and relations turned back to the traditional frostiness.
To combat the frostiness of these silent trips, just 34% of drivers admit to adjusting their air conditioning units whilst behind the wheel.
Cherie Blair did not have fun on a trip there with husband Tony, whose spin doctor Alastair Campbell wrote in his diaries that Cherie never got on with the Queen and frostiness set in on her first Balmoral visit.
For Modi, who is scheduled to meet here with Kerry on Friday morning, the talks are a way to put an end to years of frostiness and suspicion between the United States and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.
Watson also said that there would be no frostiness if he came face-to-face with the enemy, although he added that relationships are up and down throughout for all the Australian and the English players.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- So, the Turkish ambassador to Egypt, HE-seyin Avni Botsaly, is back at his office in Cairo after a brief but serious period of frostiness between the two countries.
Super-sparkly and under a tenner, the almost-white frostiness of this hair clip makes it glitter especially well on dark brown and black hair.
If not hostility, there had been frostiness from many spectators to the Scot before that point.
The initiative was notable because of the frostiness that the government in Ankara claims exists in its relations with the Israelis, ever since the Israeli navy attacked the Freedom Flotilla in May, killing nine Turks who were headed to the Gaza Strip on a humanitarian mission.
Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu had recently met US President Barack Obama in Washington implying that a temporary frostiness in relations between the two allies was thawing.