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Synonyms for frostiness

Synonyms for frostiness

coldness as evidenced by frost

a silvery-white color


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The initiative was notable because of the frostiness that the government in Ankara claims exists in its relations with the Israelis, ever since the Israeli navy attacked the Freedom Flotilla in May, killing nine Turks who were headed to the Gaza Strip on a humanitarian mission.
But now the clubs are sharing a rink fulltime, Salem can see the frostiness thawing.
Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu had recently met US President Barack Obama in Washington implying that a temporary frostiness in relations between the two allies was thawing.
The frostiness of that relationship dates back 14 months, when Adebayor claimed he wanted to leave the Emirates Stadium to play for "a big club", which, that summer at least, did not happen.
Tepid affairAl Jazeera's Rob Reynolds in Oxford, Mississippi, said that there were no surprises in the debate, although there was a marked frostiness between the two men, with Jim Lehrer, the moderator, often failing to get the two men to address each other directly.
The frostiness continued as I mentioned that it was a disgrace to Christianity that a December poll had shown more people (78 percent) wanted their local government to put up a Nativity scene than actually planned to attend a worship service for Christmas (59 percent).
Truss describes as a trickledown of institutionalized frostiness, the American variety as articulated by Mrs.
What other Canadian has that proper blend of patrician frostiness, thespian precision and blank professionalism?
That didn't always look like being the case, he says, especially when he alighted in Ireland and noticed a certain frostiness between senior figures from the British and Irish turf authorities during the usually friendly Punchestown festival.
For extra frostiness, put sugar-rimmed glasses in the freezer for 7 to 8 minutes.
But the recent appointment of a new Mexican foreign minister last month brought an almost immediate end to diplomatic frostiness.
And like Brook, Neidhardt opted for unrelieved austerity and frostiness.
Many of us in northeastern US and Eastern Canada were forced from cold homes to seek refuge with family and friends who had fireplaces and wood stoves; even the heat of candles was used to cut the frostiness of the January air.
I would think there'd be some frostiness," he says.