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injured by freezing or partial freezing

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Soak frostbitten areas of the body in warm (not hot) water for 20 to 30 minutes.
Care of birds with frostbitten feet should include measures to reduce the risk of pressure sores from altered biomechanics secondary to pain.
Never rub frostbitten skin or submerge your hands or feet directly into hot water--use warm water or a warm washcloth instead.
Since the storms hit more than 380 people have been rescued –more than 200 of whom are foreigners RELIEF Israeli frostbitten hand frostbitten hand Among the Britons missing last night was Peter Roddis, 26, from Hove, Sussex.
color) Tony Ortiz looks at the frostbitten leaves on an aloe plant Friday at the West Valley Nursery in Tarzana.
However, the bodies were reportedly visibly frostbitten, thus raising the possibility that the men were dead before they fell.
To treat frostbite, submerge frostbitten parts into water that isn't quite hot to the touch, take aspirin to prevent blood clotting and for pain relief, and seek medical attention.
Hands, feet, the nose, ears, and cheeks are most often frostbitten, but it can happen to any body part exposed to cold air, especially cold, wet air, since moisture makes you lose heat faster.
Being frostbitten is serious, and can happen even when the actual temperature is above freezing.