frost heaving

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upthrust of ground or pavement caused by the freezing of moist soil

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Frost heaving generally is more likely to occur in fine-grained unfrozen soils than in coarse-grained sand or gravel or very-fine-grained soils such as clay.
I was told it could collapse if there was a lot of outside pressure from the soil backfill and from frost heaving.
In the study, the critical issues associated with declining pipeline throughput are: frost heaving of belowground pipeline sections; water settlement in the TAPS stream; ice formation in the pipeline, deposition of wax the interior pipeline wall; and the possibility of high viscosity oils delivered to TAPS in the future.
During the winter, it can be used to warm the soil, prevent frost heaving and soil erosion, and improve the appearance of your garden by filling in unattractive bare areas.
Because these root tips are so delicate and occur mostly in the topsoil and litter layers, they are susceptible to drought, extremes in temperature, and frost heaving, not to mention human activities.