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upthrust of ground or pavement caused by the freezing of moist soil

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During the pipeline's first six years of operations, the owners dug up at least eight buried sections that had buckled or cracked due to thaw settlement or frost heaves.
On a local level, Wolff wants to help bring Vermont into the 21st century with the Frost Heaves - the name comes from a common term in the region that describes what happens when the moist ground freezes so fast that it juts up and brings traffic to a crawl.
During the freeze-and-thaw cycles of winter, the frost heaves push up new dangers.
In other news, Harr has been working to come up with a solution to frost heaves and pavement breaks caused by water collecting under highways.
The hexagonal stone pavers of the walkway undulated beneath my feet, made wavy from years of frost heaves, undermining tree roots and uncountable numbers of pedestrians.
Nor are the paved roads necessarily much more hospitable: frost heaves in the town where I live are legendary axle breakers.
The most notorious stretch for potholes, soft shoulders, and frost heaves is the 235 miles between Haines Junction (northwest of White-horse) and the Alaska border.
Melvin Creddle, a 6-1 guard who won a professional title in 2007 with the ABA's Vermont Frost Heaves.
Driving portions of the road was like navigating a roller-coaster riddled with frost heaves, potholes, and cracks.
Gion said the budget bump would help retain staff and reinstate the roadway sealing work that inhibits frost heaves.
During the summer of 2009, foundation work was done, but because the steel hadn't arrived, the foundation was covered with heat radiant pipes to stop frost heaves and protect the foundation.
Crushed glass from the windows may find its way into pavement, where it can aid in water filtration and thus avert frost heaves.
Edges washed down hill and frost heaves pushed posts out of the ground.
The colder oil temperatures create several issues such as the formation of wax and ice within the pipeline, as well as the potential for movement of the buried segments of the pipeline as the result of frost heaves.