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upthrust of ground or pavement caused by the freezing of moist soil

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Elsewhere, it was used to keep the subgrade from freezing in the winter to prevent frost heaves.
During the pipeline's first six years of operations, the owners dug up at least eight buried sections that had buckled or cracked due to thaw settlement or frost heaves.
The minor-league franchise, which he bought for a comparative cup of coffee, is the Vermont Frost Heaves.
Protecting footings for houses and other buildings from damage due to frost heaves is typically accomplished by installing the footings below the frost line.
Taking participatory journalism to the next level - he's scraped together $10,000 to buy an American Basketball Association franchise and will act as its owner and general manager - Wolff has laid out his business model in this week's Sports Illustrated in announcing the birth of the Vermont Frost Heaves, which he plans to have ready for the fall of 2006.
Frost heaves occur when moisture collects in one zone in the soil and freezes there during cold weather.
In other news, Harr has been working to come up with a solution to frost heaves and pavement breaks caused by water collecting under highways.
The hexagonal stone pavers of the walkway undulated beneath my feet, made wavy from years of frost heaves, undermining tree roots and uncountable numbers of pedestrians.
Nor are the paved roads necessarily much more hospitable: frost heaves in the town where I live are legendary axle breakers.
Increased traffic creates an escalating cost factor due to a more frequent need to re-gravel, re-oil, dust abate, grade and recondition roads in order to remove washboard, potholes, ruts and wash-outs created by vehicle braking, frost heaves, poor drainage, heavy rain conditions and economy related cutbacks.
The road is scheduled for reconstruction in the next several years, but Marsden says the county has no plans to touch the section of road that has the Geoweb since it has completely corrected the County E problem; there have been no frost heaves since it was installed.
The most notorious stretch for potholes, soft shoulders, and frost heaves is the 235 miles between Haines Junction (northwest of White-horse) and the Alaska border.
Melvin Creddle, a 6-1 guard who won a professional title in 2007 with the ABA's Vermont Frost Heaves.
The work will include a new layer of pavement over the entire section and areas of full reconstruction at the south end of the project, where bentonite under the road is causing frost heaves that damage the pavement.