frost heave

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upthrust of ground or pavement caused by the freezing of moist soil

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Of these incidents, the frequently cited was frost heave, followed by failures due to snow or ice movement.
Frost heave can be so impressively high in Canada that we have a special name for it: "pingo," and we put it on our stamps (Photo 3).
Specific subjects examined include prevention of rails seat abrasion in North America, dust measurement to determine the effectiveness of rural dust control strategies on roads, foundation design for frost heave, performance of stress-laminated timber highway bridges in cold climates, and mechanical properties of the active layer for pavement design in permafrost conditions.
Auxiliary programmes focused on such topics as snow, lake ice (Adams' particular interest), frost heave, and permafrost temperatures.
However, it appears that your fence is moving because of frost heave from that wet soil around the post.
Manholes must provide access at the ground level, where they are subject to damage from mowing equipment, traffic or environmental conditions such as frost heave in cold climates.
It is suggested that bore-unloading could counteract a portion of frost heave deformation and the grouting was to be the key measure to minimize the thaw settlement.
One phenomenon, called frost heave, is the expansion that occurs when wet, fine-grained soils freeze.
Frost heave damage is also reduced because calcium chloride lowers the freeze point of capillary water in road base materials.
In cold weather areas with high snowfall, frost heave, a condition in which soil with a high-moisture content expands as water freezes, must be considered when determining design requirements and selecting foundation depths for signage.
Heat is reclaimed from the refrigeration system and used to heat the propylene glycol solution, which is circulated through the under-slab piping grid, thus eliminating potential frost heave.
The method prevents frost heave, according to NAHB, even where footings are only 4 inches below grade.
CAUTION: Some houses may require a small amount of heat in the basement to prevent frost heave, which may occur when there is no heat lost through basement walls.
Announcement of competition: Repairs fyrbrygga, in recent years, the port received some damage to concrete due to frost heave and leaching of concrete particularly at the water surface.