frost heave

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upthrust of ground or pavement caused by the freezing of moist soil

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Of these incidents, the frequently cited was frost heave, followed by failures due to snow or ice movement.
It appears that quite large initial settlements before freezing, and there is frost heave deformation of 4mm when the temperature descends, but the total settlement is 3-4mm at last.
One phenomenon, called frost heave, is the expansion that occurs when wet, fine-grained soils freeze.
Heat is reclaimed from the refrigeration system and used to heat the propylene glycol solution, which is circulated through the under-slab piping grid, thus eliminating potential frost heave.
The permit would address how the engineers and metallurgists will outfox thaw settlement and frost heave and the extraordinary strain these can place on the pipe.
White pegmatite and granite boulders, and frost heave samples from a newly discovered area.
The WrapidSeal system conforms to irregular shaped structures, withstands soil stress, lateral shear, frost heave and live loads of traffic to control groundwater infiltration at joints and reduces treatment costs at the wastewater treatment plant.
Look for: frost heave, where frost has caused the soil to lift, and tread it down firmly; windrock, leaving roses and other shrubs with a cone-shaped hole round the base of the stem which should be filled with soil and firmed; and broken ties on climbers and tree stakes.
Generally sandy soil drains well, so will be far less prone to frost heave than clay soil, which tends to hold onto moisture.
Some of the problems that all of these pavement types have include settlement, frost heave, freeze-thaw durability, and poor surface drainage.
These effects all result from a common phenomenon known as frost heave.
The holes were sited in an area of numerous high grade copper and silver frost heave and glacial boulders.
The roads out of certain areas during periods in poor condition, and many of the roads are affected by frost heave spring thaw.
Bean Road, motorist reports hitting a large snow ramp someone made across the entire roadway; area checked, no ramp located, but a large frost heave was in the area.