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Synonyms for frontmost

preceding all others in spatial position


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Leave the decision to the professionals in those frontmost seats.
The plumber, before he starts to plunge them home, attaches a barbed end to the frontmost dowel.
He was concerned with problems of foreshortening, or accounting for the visual distortion that appears at the periphery of vision and in the frontmost plane of painting, and of painting domes and curved surfaces, where the angle of vision would be in some way oblique to the painted surface.
The goal is to land yourself a seat in one of the frontmost cars, known as the "secure package" the group of limos that carry the president, his most trusted advisors, their aides, and various other hangers-on.
Instead, almost all of the wheelchair seating is located in the frontmost rows of the theaters on either a sloped or flat floor or on low six inch risers.