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Synonyms for frontmost

preceding all others in spatial position


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Positioned on top of the first freight container, the 48-foot ArrowedgeA has a tapered body that allows air to more easily flow around the train's top frontmost containers.
4) Now let's detour far to the west of the Dipper to the Great Bear's frontmost leg, where we'll find NGC 2841.
However, not every rear-end collision is the exclusive fault of the rearmost driver; the frontmost driver also has the duty not to stop suddenly, or slow down without proper signaling so as to avoid a collision, and a triable issue of fact can successfully be raised in such circumstance.
Trion has also rolled out Shelf Works antitheft EWT Security Units to prevent sweeping and mass theft by allowing only the frontmost item to be removed at one time, while still permitting customers to purchase a single product without trouble.
To view the figure properly, assume that the face of the cube containing vertices A, B, and e is frontmost.