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the line along which opposing armies face each other

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A special feature of the "Bush's War" Web site is an interactive annotated timeline of the war on terror featuring 175 embedded video clips and links to more than 400 interviews FRONTLINE has conducted with Bush administration insiders, military commanders, foreign policy experts, journalists and world leaders across the political spectrum.
Frontline Focus is a reader-driven publication and we need your content.
In the emergency department case, frontline staff demonstrated low involvement by responding indifferently to customer needs.
The Frontline / ROES Rendering Server operates in a double-pass configuration where the ROES Client and Server software feeds orders into the Frontline System, where images are then color corrected and soft-proofed before being exported back to ROES for the final rendering of the composite.
FRONTLINE looks at Vice President Dick Cheney's 30-year quest to expand the power of the presidency during wartime.
LAS VEGAS -- Econiq, a provider of enterprise solutions to enhance frontline sales effectiveness and productivity for financial institutions, and Bedford, N.
Frontline's Chairman, John Fredriksen, says in a comment: "In line with our strategy we are pleased to announce that Frontline spins off further 25% of Ship Finance.
Using Frontline Systems' Premium Solver Platform and their Extended Large-Scale LP Solver Engine V6.
To determine the Cash Price, Frontline sold 30 million GOGL shares in the market over a five day period from December 15 until December 21.
Our FrontLine services continue to have a significant positive impact on small and mid-size businesses looking to augment or outsource mission-critical functionality without surrendering control of their networks," said Guy Fardone, ATX's Executive Vice President and General Manager.
Oscar Spieler: Chief Executive Officer, Frontline Management AS +47 23 11 40 79
We're making this technology available for experimental use by application developers who want to bring the power of simulation-based risk analysis to a much wider audience of users," said Daniel Fylstra, president of Frontline Systems.
Frontline believes that a closer integration between General Maritime and Frontline would be highly beneficial for the shareholders of both companies.
As longtime Frontline users, we are always eager to see the latest enhancements to the platform," stated Wendell Ritchie, Information Technology Security Manager of Southwest Corporate Federal Credit Union.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- New teacher's guides, an improved search function, and dozens of full-length documentaries available for viewing online are just a few of the highlights of the revamped and newly re-launched FRONTLINE Teacher Center.