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an adornment worn on the forehead


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Some of the company's products include unipoles, rooftops, billboards, backlits, frontlets and more.
Clark himself (1954: 118) estimated that at least 300 of these splinters had been removed from the 100 or so antlers and red deer frontlets actually recovered from the site--a total which substantially exceeds the total of 191 complete or broken antler points recovered (along with the red deer antler beams) from the site.
She persuades him to lend her his chariot, which is pulled by two horses with gold frontlets.
When Moses told the Israelites to love God with all their heart, soul, and strength, Moses told them to bind God's word "as a sign upon your [left] hand and let them be frontlets between your eyes.
She arranges the material in several groups: defensive weapons: shields, helmets, armor; offensive weapons: weapons for slashing and stabbing including arrowheads; personal jewellery: pins, fibulae, bracelets, pendants, and belts; furniture elements; horse and chariot equipment: horse-bits, blinkers, collars, belts, decorative disks, spacers, frontlets and breast plates for horses, pole-caps, axle caps, linch pins, and pole-ornaments.
Totafot (hereinafter "the T word") has been interpreted as frontlets because, according to the Biblical text, it was to be worn "between the eyes.
a chariot with bronze fittings, with a decorated cover on the handrail; a front-rail and breast trappings of soft leather, painted scarlet, for the horses; a canopy of tiger skin, with a reddish brown lining; yoke-bar bindings and axle couplings of painted leather; bronze jingle-bells for the yoke bar; a mainshaft rear-end fitting and brake fittings, bound with leather and painted gilt; a gilt bow-press and a fish-skin quiver; a team of four horses, with bits and bridles, bronze frontlets, and gilt girthstraps; a scarlet banner with two bells.