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the forward outer surface of a building

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an ornamental facade

front illustration facing the title page of a book

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Whilst he also submitted humorous caricatures and later concentrated on a set of atmospheric views of the military hospital buildings, Sherwood produced his most potent art when the subject was presented through this visionary and symbolic style, which appeared in a series of companion frontispieces published in the early issues of The Southern Cross.
7) It places special emphasis on the founder-hero Romulus through a monumental nine-scene frontispiece in which his life from infancy to death fills eight of nine compartments.
Beginning in the seventeenth century, frontispieces that included an "engraved likeness of the book's author within a masonry frame" became a common feature of many books of poetry (Barchas 1998, 261).
The choice of decorative titlepages or frontispieces includes examples emanating from Europe and, toward the end of the period covered, from the United States.
Volker Remmert's meticulous and closely-argued study of a particular class of images--the engraved titlepages, titlepage vignettes, and frontispieces of seventeenth-century mathematical texts--shows just how much they mattered in the reconfiguration of early modern disciplines, and how much they can convey to us now.
Convenience-store fare, with glossy frontispieces and pulp pages, these no-holds-barred free-wheeling nothing-is-sacred rags surfeit readers with exposes and anti-establishment broadsides.
Sumptuous critical editions of the Greek and Latin Fathers, like the first critical edition of the collected works of Saint Augustine published in Italy (Venice, 1729-35), were of monumental physical proportions with beautiful copper engraving frontispieces (Illustration 6).
Each entry includes a small reproduction of the title-page--valuable since Horvath's title-page transcriptions do not follow any conventional transcription format--and occasional illustrations of bindings, frontispieces, and other decorations.
In addition to eleven reproductions of title pages and frontispieces, three facsimiles of typefaces are dropped into the text as quotations, so as to show exactly the size and spacing of words in dedications and the spatial use of brackets in framing Beaumont and Fletcher's names in one of the poems prefacing the 1647 folio of their dramatic works.
Sparsely illustrated apart from the Johnson lithograph and the cover art and first page of the Still score that make up the two frontispieces, only small photographs of the round-table participants decorate the pages.
On show at the Barbican were some of the original illustrations and decorative frontispieces, as well as the first volume of the magazine, lent by the Victoria and Albert Museum.
The frontispieces of volumes of tales the women wrote in the 1690s tales often seem to be designed to contest the ideological force of Perrault's.
In a series of framed etchings hanging side by side on the gallery wall, Ligon has reproduced in authentic typescript and form frontispieces that would introduce the published narrative of an ex-slave.
Benedict, an allegorical dialog between political powers of different courts, marital might and romanticism; and allegory as carnal knowledge as found in Venus's milk, frontispieces depicting women's ambition and wet nursing in the New World.
Simonetti's references to the portraits of artists in both editions illuminate Vasari's appreciation of an attist's singular identity, and his descriptions of the frontispieces and the images of Fame and the Arts, rich in symbolic meaning for each edition, add to our understanding of iconography in Vasari's literary and visual productions.