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Synonyms for frontispiece

the forward outer surface of a building

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an ornamental facade

front illustration facing the title page of a book

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4) While the full-page plates of the edition were reused in subsequent editions of Ramsay's poems by booksellers such as the Edinburgh-based Thomas Oliver and James Robertson, the frontispiece was not reused in editions of Ramsay's texts.
Successive chapters then take the reader on a more or less chronological journey, beginning with discussion of two images: Henry Peacham's 1595 penand-ink drawing purportedly of a scene from Titus Andronicus, and the unsigned frontispiece engraving of Lucrece's suicide from the 1655 edition of Shakespeare's poem The Rape of Lucrece.
Fridtjof Nansen, In Northern Mists : Arctic Exploration in Early Times, II (London, 1911), frontispiece.
Perhaps the mood of the time is best captured by the frontispiece Barnum & Bailey's-published postcard of Buffalo Bill's 1904 British tour posted at Redruth on the first day of June 1904 by someone who had seen the show the previous day at Camborne, Cornwall, England.
The frontispiece of Reimann's book is a pictorial representation of what it took a car manufacturer to get 5,000 tires for his autos.
The action takes place mostly on a street decorated by various illuminated signs, with key scenes viewed as if through windows; Bridget Kimak's designs are tantalisingly oblique ("Think For Yourself" the frontispiece graffiti indicates advisedly); and the dead Commendatore (a vocally and physically imposing Keel Watson) pops up several times to taunt his murderer.
We stand corrected by Deborah Wyles, a member of the Holme Valley local history group, who kindly enclosed a picture of the 'real' Holmfirth Drill Hall (tmc070611drill) * OUR PAST: The frontispiece of The Brookes of Honley, a new book by Honley Civic Society History Group.
The silhouetted figures embedded in the gold-leaf armature of the large-scale IGBT, 2008, for example, appear again, in greater detail--one with a bow tie; the other, a '70s-cool slim-fitting jacket--as the frontispiece for the show's catalogue.
The portrait, which was the frontispiece of his book, now hangs in the NCC's Newmarket office.
To recover facets of the role that the black artist played in the romantic movement(s), I examine three "portraits" of Wheatley--the poetic spectacle managed by her promoters, the actual portrait that appeared as the frontispiece for her Poems on Various Subjects, and the portrait that Wheatley herself created through her poetry.
The frontispiece has a sky chart showing the constellations included in the calendar and a guide to its use.
The endpapers of this delightful book are a study of frogs as the frontispiece and a collection of elephants are on the final pages.
Table 1: Hardness of different plant leaves Plant (leaf) frontispiece frontispiece species convex convex depth intensity depth intensity (nm) (GPa) (nm) (GPa) Ginkgobiloba Linn 152.
MaxHeld Parrish's "The Lantern Bearers" (1908), originally created as a frontispiece for the Dec.
In the numerous publications--atlases and books--published during the period from 1471 to 1871, the reader would open these volumes to view and be impressed by the attractive and decorative frontispiece or titlepage; sometimes both.