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Synonyms for frontispiece

the forward outer surface of a building

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an ornamental facade

front illustration facing the title page of a book

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He had published a tragedy entitled, "The Patriot Martyrs," with an etched frontispiece by Sir Charles, and an edition of it had been speedily disposed of in presentations to the friends of the artist and poet, and to the reviews and newspapers.
Hit at his body too; we'll take care of his frontispiece by-and-by.
Amelia shall be kneeling near him, with her little hands up; and the picture shall have a grand allegorical title, as the frontispieces have in the Medulla and the spelling-book.
Perhaps the most prominent example of the graphic packaging of books--prominent, because always found at the front of a work, facing the title page--it is the frontispiece portrait.
Page by Andrew Festing forms the frontispiece of this collection of Page's runological papers, no fewer than twenty-three of them, edited by David Parsons, with a bibliography of 'The Published Writings of R.
Having recently purchased a remaindered set of the 1971 Kelley reprint of the New York Edition which is minus Alvin Langdon Coburn's photographic frontispiece, I was pleased to find them all handsomely reproduced with this collection of fourteen essays.
Michals has long admitted his interest in Whitman, and in the book's frontispiece he even pens a little poem describing his affinity for the 19th-century wordsmith: "I sing the songs Walt Whitman sang,/ They ring around my mind; / I recognize his cosmic slang, / I am Walt Whitman's kind.
The frontispiece is a graphic illustration of the impressive family tree of students and associates.
The frontispiece of the 1697 edition of Perrault's Contes - a frontispiece that has become so familiar to us that we no longer see its full implications - defines one conception of the oral story-telling situation.
Maps are most commonly used as frontispiece illustrations in adventure and fantasy books.
In its prodigious length and with the family tree on its frontispiece the book recalls the great 19th-century novels of the author's native Russia, but Ada boldly turns its predecessors on their heads.
Fortunately, the words between the frontispiece and the final page bely this impression.
During the four years he was based in Acre, among other activities including the extensive rebuilding of crusader fortifications, the French king commissioned an illuminated manuscript, an excerpted Old Testament with an extensive and complex series of frontispiece illustrations.
It appeared as frontispiece for a volume of Kneeland's sermons.
Limited tenders are invited for a paper back book comprising 164 pages of text, 2 pages of frontispiece and 8 picture pages of h/t photographs on art-paper with 4 pages of cover