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a woman who lives on the frontier

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examines the sparse but expanding documentary evidence to evaluate legends of her as either an iconic frontierswoman, associate of Wild Bill Hickok, and dime novel heroine, or a notorious "loose" woman.
The protagonist of this part is Martha Randolph, an ex-slave, now frontierswoman on her way to California, to the west, where freedom awaits people like her on the other side of the river.
When he says that man can "go it alone," he is at least rhetorically echoing an individualist virtue: the line conjures up images of the frontiersman or frontierswoman capable of "going it alone.
THE striking photographs within Emma O'Gorman's Newmarket base are as evocative a testimony to her status as a frontierswoman as a pioneer in the Old West posing with a buffalo hide.
I think Palin does have some of that frontierswoman, multicompetent sort of glamour to her, but I think she's not primarily a glamorous figure.
In 1879 The Amateur Emigrant appeared, whose subtext is his pursuit of the tough American frontierswoman, Fanny Osbourne, whom he eventually married in San Francisco.
The image of the woman of the American West has a rich and relatively well-known iconography, varying from the intrepid frontierswoman to the long-suffering wagon train Madonna.