frontier settlement

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a settlement on the frontier of civilization


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Chicago, for example, grew from a marshy frontier settlement in 1840 to the booming metropolis of a million people in 1890.
285-6) By comparison, fully 20 pages are devoted to the early Zionist frontier settlement of Tel Hai.
An earlier report issued by the Board of Trade in London that examined French and Indian threats to the colonies had also recommended expanding frontier settlement.
Since Lucinda loves glass, and he loves God, he bets his life on a mad symbolic combination: delivering a fragile glass church to a remote frontier settlement.
Three DAE researchers are studying the frontier settlement process with an emphasis on how income and wealth distributions evolved.
At the same time, it is important to note that frontier settlement also exposed peasant culture to a certain amount of change since Russian peasants in the periphery were exposed to non-Russian influences and these influences left their mark on peasant social customs, religious beliefs, and agricultural practices in borderland areas.
If isolation no longer characterized the experience of most Bororo who remained outside Salesian supervision, the actions of the minority that entered the missions must also be understood within the broad context of increasing frontier settlement, Bororo resistance, and the breakdown both of established mutual relations and of what little isolation remained.
The English blamed Governor Vaudreuil, who they saw as the architect of the terror being inflicted on the frontier settlements.
The massacres were perpetrated by four of the six tribes of the Iroquois, who had sided with the British, thinking that Great Britain couldn't possibly lose a war with the colonists and that they--the Iroquois--could raid American frontier settlements with impunity.
A broad range of issues was raised during this visit, among them development of transport infrastructure, agriculture, melioration, clean drinking water supply, development of frontier settlements, creation of new small and medium enterprises, support to vulnerable sectors of the population.
Born the son of Pu Yi's youngest brother Puren in a prince's mansion in Beijing, he was sent to rural areas during the Cultural Revolution, joining millions of urban youths who were mobilized to villages and frontier settlements to be reeducated by the peasants.
Works such as 'The Last Race, Mandan O-kee-pa Ceremony' (1832) centre on what Joan Carpenter Troccoli calls 'villagescapes': representations of Indian ceremonies and rituals, situated in frontier settlements.
Pending frontier settlements in the north-east include prime sedimentary terrain in the "Divided Zone" with Kuwait.
Although their effort to support General John Burgoyne's Saratoga campaign foundered on stubborn America resistance at Fort Stanwix (Rome, New York), it signaled the beginning of Fort Niagara's role as nemesis of the frontier settlements.
The year is 2132 and the human race has split into two separate worlds, the lawless frontier settlements and the peaceful core, home worlds.