frontier settlement

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a settlement on the frontier of civilization


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In his comprehensive cookbook celebrating the food of Appalachia, Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread & Scuppernong Wine, Joseph Dabney asserts wild game made frontier settlement possible.
10) John Florin, 'The Advance of Frontier Settlement in Pennsylvania, 1638-1850', unpublished Master's thesis, Pennsylvania State University (1965).
1) Micheaux's depiction of this storm, which transforms the plains into "one endless, unbroken sheet of white frost and ice," is both a realistic winter landscape description and an allegorical representation of Baptiste's social situation--a black individual who has left behind African American communities in the East to seek economic opportunity in a predominately white western frontier settlement (38).
He managed to envision a backwoods, difficult-to-reach frontier settlement as a resort destination for wealthy snowbirds.
In studies of frontier settlement patterns, different site factors are recognized as influential on the immigrant settlement process.
Winterbottom and co had decided to build a frontier settlement from scratch high up on a snowy mountain in the Canadian Rockies.
The budding new region was roughly two hundred miles west of the main path of white frontier settlement in the Northwest Territory Just about every place on the near frontier--even the smallest hamlet without any realistic hope of success--contained promoters and boosters who envisioned building a great city at the site, no matter how uninviting.
Ketchikan, a former frontier settlement, is carved into a hillside, hemmed by thick pine forest and islands.
In the years following the 1867 British North America Act, which created Canada as a new state, the federal government adopted a series of policies to develop transportation infrastructures, encourage immigration and frontier settlement, and protect domestic industries from foreign competition.
Over the course of 150 years, Beaufort County evolved from a frontier settlement to one of the wealthiest slave-holding districts in the American South.
James was a year old when his father, a Federalist congressman, moved his family to the frontier settlement (now Cooperstown) that he had founded in upstate New York.
Economies of scale, learning effects, and convergences of expectations - many within the spatial contexts of city building and frontier settlement - seem to have been especially important in making the aggregate supply "path-dependent.
Chicago, for example, grew from a marshy frontier settlement in 1840 to the booming metropolis of a million people in 1890.
285-6) By comparison, fully 20 pages are devoted to the early Zionist frontier settlement of Tel Hai.
Furthermore, he places Schenectady within its imperial context, demonstrating how even a remote frontier settlement was caught up in geo-political strategies unleashed in European capitals.