frontal sinus

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one of a pair of cavities in the frontal bone

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A widely patent outflow tract from the frontal sinus was achieved (figure 2, D).
The frontal sinus is formed by pneumatisation of the frontal recess into the frontal bone.
Primary frontal sinus aspergilloma is a rare clinical condition that is difficult to diagnose.
We have used the endoscope through a small brow incision to access the frontal sinus for repair of frontal sinus CSF leaks, to obliterate the frontal sinus, to repair anterior table defects and to access an orbital apex cyst.
Leon McKenzie is out for six weeks after aggravating an ankle injury and Dean Ashton has a depressed fracture of the frontal sinus.
NEW YORK -- Strict seat belt laws and improved automobile restraint systems, including air bags, are probably responsible for the dramatic decrease in the severity of frontal sinus fractures seen in Sacramento over the past 28 years.
Natrum Muriaticum (Chloride of Sodium): Provides relief from weariness, frontal sinus inflammation, eyes feel bruised or eyelids heavy, roaring noises, in ears, fever blisters
The sagittal images were very specific in identifying a small area of communication between the lesion and the frontal sinus (Fig.
The thorough exam included sinus X-rays, which revealed I had torn my frontal sinus.
CPC app eared to be superior to acrylic implants for the reconstruction of full-thickness defects of the frontal sinus and frontofacial region by allowing implant osseointegration with improved biocompatibility (30).
Food and Drug Administration in June 2011, enables ENT physicians to easily confirm correct entry to the frontal sinus recess and location of the frontal sinus, helping streamline procedures such as sinus irrigation and endoscopic sinus surgery.
Antibiotic prophylaxis in the management of complex midface and frontal sinus trauma.
The patient underwent a frontal sinus repair and external ventricular drainage, followed by insertion of a right ventriculoperito neal (VP) shunt.