frontal lobotomy

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surgical interruption of nerve tracts to and from the frontal lobe of the brain

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Following hot on the heels of the tournament's other hirsute halfwits the Brazil striker has gone and had a haircut that can only be described as a full frontal lobotomy.
He said that anyone who proposed reforming Social Security was a ``candidate for a frontal lobotomy.
WHAT I hate is the insinuation that if you watch House Party you must have had a full frontal lobotomy.
They did - a frontal lobotomy First Division style.
Slightly drunk and waving a whiskey bottle at a class full of students, he pronounced: "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.
This involved fixing two flat tyres, oiling the chain, checking the brakes, and asking the surgeon for a general anaesthetic before he performed the frontal lobotomy that was required before I ever ride a bike again.
So daughter Rosemary, initially only mildly mentally handicapped, was subjected to the dangerous frontal lobotomy treatment because her parents could not bear a child who was not perfect.
Every boy at my school wore their hair shaggy, like Noddy, or shaved at the front like guitarist Dave Hill, as if in preparation for frontal lobotomy.
We all know there is a full frontal lobotomy faction in Westminster which would prefer us to be confined to a little light sex and heavy housework.
The hair was shorn at the front, as if in readiness for frontal lobotomy.