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  • noun

Synonyms for front-runner

a leading contestant

Synonyms for front-runner

a competitor thought likely to win

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People immediately feared for the explosive front-runners like Razldazl Jayfkay and Eden Star.
Romney, the undisputed front-runner after wins in Florida and in Nevada, had expected strong showings in Minnesota and Colorado.
The race for the 1988 Democratic nomination provides another example of high uncertainty about the party front-runner in the year prior to the start of the primaries.
Mr Perry's plan also sets him to the right of presumed front-runner former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who wants to make less sweeping changes to tax rates.
While a handful of films have emerged as front-runners, honours have been evenly divided in awards handed out by US critic groups in New York and Los Angeles, with thriller No Country for Old Men and violent oil industry epic There Will Be Blood both faring well.
Exit polls also found that nearly half of all voters for both Democratic front-runners said they made their choice within the previous three days, hardly a decision set in stone.
RIVALS Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both hope the largest Super Tuesday in history will send them on their way to the White House as the front-runner for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.
Mike Huckabee has emerged as a strong front-runner among Republican candidates ahead of the Iowa caucuses, a crucial prelude to the 2008 U.
This isn't like a year ago, when last-minute surger "Crash" beat longtime front-runner "Brokeback Mountain," or when certifiably great movie "Saving Private Ryan" lost out to enjoyable romp "Shakespeare in Love.
But only the early candidate forums featured any really sharp exchanges, with various hopefuls going after early front-runner Howard Dean.
Why it's here: With 11 nominations and three years of momentum, it's the front-runner to win Best Picture and Best Director for honorary hobbit Peter Jackson, who devoted seven years of his life to the film trilogy.
Though Clark would later win the primary in Oklahoma and place second in a handful of other states, he never achieved the front-runner status that his credentials suggested he might.
D-day for Dean Fading former Democratic front-runner Howard Dean has told supporters he will be out of the race for the party's nomination for president if he fails to win the February 17 primary in Wisconsin.
Just a few weeks ago, Howard Dean was pleading with fellow Democratic presidential hopefuls to ease up on their attacks and to begin rallying around the front-runner who was destined - sound the trumpets, please - to become the party's Chosen One.
Gray was considered the front-runner for the NUL presidency, and former mayor Ron Kirk of Dallas is identified as a leader who may have peaked politically and could become an organization leader.