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the line along which opposing armies face each other

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During "Improving the Patient Experience: Engaging Front-line Staff for a System-Wide Action Plan," a July 27, 2017 webinar at 1:30 p.
All front-line staff of the Vehicle Safety and Standards Division, the Driving Services Section and the Licensing Section (including the Licensing Unit, the Vehicle Inspection and Records Unit, the Cross Boundary Unit and the Public Vehicles Unit) are eligible for nomination and voting by the public for the best services provided.
The decision goes against the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman who argued the Marine Corps should be allowed to exclude women from certain front-line combat jobs.
Having said that, I have noticed that front-line employees these days don't play their due roles.
New figures published by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), the official police watchdog, reveal the effect of the cuts on front-line services.
However, the very name front-line draws attention to an alternative interpretation, suggestive of a place in which staff and citizens meet not to collaborate but to fight for power and resources.
He added: "I am astounded these officers are being taken off front-line duties.
To make matters worse, targeting front-line workers would spread misery by wrecking the vital services hard-pressed communities rely on.
His mother Hazel, 49, accused Mr Ainsworth of being "stupid and arrogant" for claiming that forces would be able to hand over many front-line duties to Afghan troops "in the next year or so".
But the South Yorkshire force says front-line services will not suffer.
I THINK most people have a lot of respect for front-line officers like yourself GK (Wirral, letters, December 27, 2007), but when you mention colleagues I assume you are talking of front-line colleagues.
Escalate front-line customer learning: The speed of change is increasing and companies must adapt to the rate at which new opportunities appear and are pursued.
Scholars who have focused on the challenges of implementing welfare programs have all identified the behavior of front-line workers as critical to meeting the program's goals.
The defenders (X1 and X2) guarding the front-line players in Diag.
Another institution's "solution": Separate front- and back-office functions so the one-stop shop included only front-line staff from the Financial Aid, Bursar's, and Registrars offices.