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the line along which opposing armies face each other

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Partners including front-line staff and managers have noted that SAMS has stabilized and performance slowdowns have been reduced.
Create common performance metrics and consistent work practices for the front-line workforce in supply chain companies
Having said that, I have noticed that front-line employees these days don't play their due roles.
New figures published by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), the official police watchdog, reveal the effect of the cuts on front-line services.
However, the very name front-line draws attention to an alternative interpretation, suggestive of a place in which staff and citizens meet not to collaborate but to fight for power and resources.
He added: "I am astounded these officers are being taken off front-line duties.
He said: "Threatened cuts of 25% in front-line policing would lead to a rise in violent crime, burglary, and antisocial behaviour.
To make matters worse, targeting front-line workers would spread misery by wrecking the vital services hard-pressed communities rely on.
But the force defended the move, saying that moving staff from administrative roles and putting them back on the beat would mean only 40 front-line jobs were lost.
Scholars who have focused on the challenges of implementing welfare programs have all identified the behavior of front-line workers as critical to meeting the program's goals.
The defenders (X1 and X2) guarding the front-line players in Diag.
Another institution's "solution": Separate front- and back-office functions so the one-stop shop included only front-line staff from the Financial Aid, Bursar's, and Registrars offices.
The money will be used to continue the Citizens' Option for Public Safety program, which provides funding for front-line law enforcement services and criminal prosecution in the unincorporated areas.
During the Persian Gulf War more than a decade ago, many crated goods shipped to Kuwait had to first be opened to determine what they contained before being sent to front-line units.
but the interpretation to the traveler remains with the front-line folks.