front yard

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the yard in front of a house

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The village would tolerate fruit trees, flowers, or even plastic pink flamingoes in the front yard, but the veggies had to go.
A WOMAN has been fined PS600 for failing to clear discarded furniture from her front yard.
hanged himself in the front yard of his family house on Saturday night.
The hunk, who plays neurosurgeon Dr Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd in the medical drama, got a chance to put his TV lifesaving skills to the test when a car crashed into the front yard of his Los Angeles pad.
The leaflet will act as a guideline to teach people how to effectively use water in moderation when washing their front yard or car.
What she got instead was an exposed front yard with predictable twin patches of Lawn on either side of a straight concrete path.
London, September 19 (ANI): Actor Aaron Eckhart recently stripped to his undergarments in front of his neighbours as he took bath at his front yard in his Los Angeles home.
Their adjoining home site originally was part of the front yard for the Cantrell house.
WORCESTER - A 50-year-old city man was seriously injured in a baseball bat attack last night in the front yard of 8 Eureka Terrace, police said.
Don't miss this opportunity to have your beautiful front yard holiday decorations shown on NBC 10 News.
It was chosen for the project after the center lost a 100-year-old tree that had shaded the front yard of the Safe Harbor house.
Just over a year ago Maralane Parker's front yard was nothing but a concrete slab.
The two men, who told Evans that they wanted him to withdraw $10,000 from a nearby bank, apparently were the same two men who had robbed Evans at gunpoint in his front yard two weeks earlier, stealing $400 from him.
Officer Larsh moved the mother to the front yard and Officer Mast brought the child outside.