front tooth

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a tooth situated at the front of the mouth


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A Having a tooth missing at the side of your smile is as noticeable as having a front tooth missing.
Marcus McGee, 34, lost his top right front tooth and needed four stitches in a head wound after the bust-up at 2.
A rare smile from Michael Barclay of Benllech, who can't find an NHS dentist to replace his front tooth Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
He is described as around 30 years old, with dark hair and a gold front tooth.
She has dark brownish-black hair and her right front tooth is larger than her other teeth.
STEVEN PRESSLEY still carries the legacy of Scotland's painful last Euro Championship play-off - a shoogly front tooth.
Along with bruises, Isaac had a torn frenulum, the piece of skin that connects the upper lip to the gum, and a right upper front tooth was chipped diagonally, Pena said.
Smiling Mr Dragan, who runs Hungarian restaurant Goulash in Aberdeen, said: "I took a bite of bread and part of my front tooth fell out.
A man lost a front tooth while being robbed of his mobile phone as he walked home along Earl Street in the city centre at about 1am on Friday.
My crush said to me, "Dude, you've got a piece of spinach on your front tooth.
Q My 14-year-old son chipped his front tooth while playing tennis and - aside from being devastated - is so vain he is refusing to smile.
Playing the final two minutes with a dislodged front tooth that caused heavy bleeding, Iverson scored 11 of his team's final 13 points - including seven in a row after he was elbowed by Ray Allen.
Linz, the juvenile sensation of ``One Fine Day,'' found himself with a wiggly upper front tooth the other day on the Chicago set of ``Home Alone 3.
The robber was described as about 20, 5ft 8ins tall with a dark hooded jacket and a missing front tooth or large gap between his teeth.