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a porch for the front door

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Front Porch Digital's SAMMA product line performs accelerated migration of media content from vulnerable analog videotape to secure and readily accessible digital storage.
Balmonte said she was watching coverage of the president's impeachment trial Sunday night when she heard a loud noise by her front porch.
Front Porch, founded in 1998, is the world's largest advertising and content delivery system for network providers.
The nonprofit Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA), a leader in protecting children from abuse, has agreed to serve as Pennsylvania's sponsor of a "prevention initiative" called The Front Porch Project.
At another point, Cody mysteriously falls backward off his grandparents' front porch.
SEATTLE, April 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Isilon Systems (Nasdaq: ISLN) today announced that it has joined with Front Porch Digital, the global leader in content storage management, to deliver a unified content management solution for every stage of the digital media workflow including, ingest, transcoding, encoding, editing and archive.
We're honored to win this coveted award, and we're thrilled that our partnership with Front Porch has enabled us to be so successful.
Even in this difficult economy, we continue to see tremendous interest in our solutions from Internet providers across the globe," stated Pete Dineley, Vice President of Front Porch Europe Middle East and Africa.
LAS VEGAS -- Company to Work With Harris, and Front Porch Digital Solutions To Provide Key Asset Management and Transcoding Systems for Television Broadcast Company
In addition to increasing portal traffic and revenue, Front Porch expanded its existing deployment by over one million new broadband subscribers.
announced that Front Porch, a support system for a family of non-profit retirement communities, is implementing CookenPro software in its California communities.
These unique capabilities coupled with the ability to scale rapidly and manage literally thousands of distributed access points from a central interface make Front Porch technology critical to our business.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- New York Based, Sababa Toys, a leading maker of award winning-board games, novelty products and nostalgic toys, announced today it has merged with Seattle based, Front Porch Classics, makers of award-winning, giftable games.
Front Porch started the free service with online messaging features for HotSpot owners and then expanded it to a hot zone covering most of the downtown shopping district and county government buildings.
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