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a person used as a cover for some questionable activity

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The athletic and aggressive front man recently swept the board at Tamworth's end-ofseason awards.
5 FRAIZER CAMPBELL: Usual big effort from the lone front man with, unfortunately, little impact.
Les McKeown, the one-time front man for Bay City Rollers, judges the 15th World Scotch Pie Championship at Carn-egie Conference Centre in Dunfermline ANDREW MILLIGAN
While regarded by his party as the front man in the next general election, pundits have warned that Ishihara isn't assured of becoming LDP president after he irked some colleagues by declaring his candidacy in direct opposition to current President Sadakazu Tanigaki, who has since dropped out of the race.
Happy New Year, Abu Dhabi," front man Chris Martin shouted, shortly after leading the countdown to 2012.
He said front man Mick Jagger, also 67, was getting the "itch" following a break from touring of more than two years.
t as front man Simon Neil n acoustic version of the spective Folding Stars, the d were transfixed.
NEWCASTLE striker Ryan Donaldson and Sunderland front man Ryan Noble watched from the bench as England Under-19s got their European Championship finals campaign off to a winning start yesterday.
SUNDERLAND officials have denied that there is any truth in the stories of a move for front man Kenwyne Jones to Liverpool in the January transfer window in the past number of days.
I think he will be the front man, the bomber, the penalty area man, the front man who can take the ball and hold it up.
Former Sex Pistols front man Johnny Rotten appeared on which reality TV show?
Lead singer Inara George is the unlikely spawn of Little Feat front man Lowell George--born of nitty-gritty rock and roll and now a swan-necked chanteuse whose vocals continually float high up into the ether.
Poet, drunk, heartbreaking balladeer and one-man argument for a good dental plan, the enigmatic front man for the Pogues is a much-mythologized entertainer with a high-risk lifestyle to match his art.
Veteran intelligence experts and China watchers view Li Ka-shing as the Beijing regime's Armand Hammer and its most important front man in Communist China's strategy to control global shipping and shipping routes.
Tight production by former Pharcyde producer E-Swift grounds this 12-song set that features a razor sharp tag-team with Jurrasic 5's Charli 2na ("Today's Your Day"), funked-out cameos from Digital Underground front man Shock G and L.