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OAG's front end software gives users access to customized data, with the ability to set up and run any in-depth data search with speed and ease.
Interactive Data's Options Volatility Service has helped our firm to obtain key historical information we can use to generate custom metrics used in trade identification, back-test relative value volatility arbitrage strategies and feed into our front end software applications to help our clients make informed trading decisions," said Michael Izhaky, president of FT Providers.
The Touch-library is available now for download at the product web page together with AVR QTouch Studio, royalty free front end software supporting the two available demonstration boards TS2080A and TS2080B, supporting ATmega88, ATtiny88, ATmega88PA, ATmega168P and ATmega328P, respectively.
These devices front end software (where you type the password) do device authentication and provide a "thumbs-up" to allow access to the secure area of the drive.
The company has been a leader in completely integrated Internet credit application processing solutions for all types of lending institutions since the 1997 release of its Web Front End software application.