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the side that is forward or prominent

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The Hershey Front End Team has delivered solid results for customers across mass channels, he notes.
The research Kraft referred to was the basis of a three-part front end special report published in Progressive Grocer under the title "Lasting Impressions: Rethinking the Front End," which concluded with recommendations for optimizing the front end experience.
Based on the results of the 'Front-End Focus' study, there is a clear opportunity for new solutions to improve performance at the front end," says Ray Jones, managing director of Dechert-Hampe.
The front end provides the customer's last impression of the store, he says.
We are seeking to create a win-win-win scenario for consumers, retailers and manufacturers at the front end of the store.
Robert Eller, a consultant based in Akron, Ohio, expects integrated front ends using long-glass/PP to catch on earliest in Europe where "open-architecture" assembly methods are widely used.
By working together to integrate Verific's HDL Front End with SoftJin's Programmable Synthesis Engine, we are able to offer them a more complete component-based solution that includes the front-end as well as a custom synthesis engine.
At the same time, change is coming to the front end as chains experiment with self-checkout terminals and demand more productivity from the area.
THE FRONT END, WHILE OUTPERFORMING many other departments, is a $5 billion opportunity that has yet to reach its full potential.
The typical approach to multi-band communications is to interface multiple tuned RF front end amplifiers to multiple antennas.
Dan Raftery believes that the boundaries of the front end, "Start at the end of the gondolas and end at the exit of the parking lot.
Verific HDL Component Software Acts as Front End to MVSIM
Crescendo Networks, the undisputed leader in high performance Application Front End (AFE) products, today announced that it has added Network Physics to its growing list of technology partners.
NEW YORK -- Instinet(R), a global agency broker, today announced the addition of list trading functionality to Instinet Trading Portal(R), a global front end for block and active traders.
LAS VEGAS -- Maestro and Application Layer Processing (ALP) Technology also Chosen as Best of Interop in Application Network and Performance Category, Redefining Application Front End Solution Space