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exterior door (at the entrance) at the front of a building

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From this standpoint the drama may be said to have begun when the front doors of the house with the stable opened on the garden with the monkey tree, and a young girl came out with bread to feed the birds on the afternoon of Boxing Day.
As they went together through the laurels towards the front garden a motor horn sounded thrice, coming nearer and nearer, and a car of splendid speed, great elegance, and a pale green colour swept up to the front doors like a bird and stood throbbing.
As we passed the front door it swung open, and showed Jimmy the artist sitting at the bottom of a newly-cleaned staircase.
Before very long Dona Rita and Blunt rejoined us and we sat down around the table; but before we could begin to talk a dramatically sudden ring at the front door stilled our incipient animation.
He turned back and went in at the garden gate, making for the front door.
I suppose you don't remember if it was a Yale on the front door as well?
So he crept downstairs and opened the front door quite softly, and went out into the garden.
I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June," said Anne, as she came through the spice and bloom of the twilit orchard to the front door steps, where Marilla and Mrs.
There was the sound of a carriage driving up to the front door.
I will come in when the Duchess of Dorset shows herself at the window or the front door - or Felix, or even De Brouillae.
We see business men come to the front door, step into a gondola, instead of a street car, and go off down town to the counting- room.
Tod had gone out at the front door, and round to the back of the house.
Then he made his way out along the passage to the front door, which from the inside he was able to open easily enough.
Winifred was standing by the window when she heard the front door open.
Mercy pointed toward the front door of the building.