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any of the front seats in the House of Commons that are reserved for ministers or former ministers

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I have also called on her to make clear in what capacity he undertook those meetings - as a front bench spokesperson for Plaid Cymru or in his private role for New Conventions Ltd.
Explaining her decision to return to the front bench, Ms Blackman-Woods said: "I decided we have had the election that Jeremy won comprehensively, and the best thing Labour MPs could do was to get behind him and be the most effective opposition that we can.
I welcome back the 10 who have returned, and look forward to working with the eight talented MPs joining the front bench for the first time.
Also appointed to the Shadow front bench is Darlington MP Jenny Chapman, part of the 2010 intake.
Both in my new role on the Panel of Chairs and in previously appointing me to the shadow front bench team as Foreign and Commonwealth Minister.
Meanwhile, Conservative leader David Cameron is rumoured to be planning to bring fresh blood into his front bench.
Easier imagined from the front bench than justified on the front line.
However, speculation about a possible front bench return for former cabinet "big beasts" Alan Johnson and Lord Falconer was being played down at Westminster last night.
Fine Gael's new recruit got off to an early start by referring to three ''sleeping beauties'' on the Government front bench who he said were insulting the public by snoozing through proceedings.
Using the front bench or passenger side seat rail bolts as attachment points, the mounts can be installed with existing hardware in the vehicle; additional hardware is supplied if needed.
BORIS Johnson was sensationally sacked from the Tory front bench last night after admitting he lied over his affair with society hostess and writer Petronella Wyatt.
THERE will be at least two high-profile casualties when Jack McConnell announces his front bench team in nine days time.
With its optional front bench seat, there is room for six.
She is also a former Member of Parliament and front bench spokesman of Treasury matters and a former director of the Financial Services Authority.
I'm chomping at the bit to do that, and if Jeremy thinks that I could do it from the front bench then, absolutely, I'd be honoured to do so.