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compound leaf of a fern or palm or cycad

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Ingredient proportion and chemical composition of the experimental diets, oil palm frond, and fungal treated oil palm frond (% DM basis) Items Dietary treatments UOPF FTOPF UOPF FTOPF FTOPFU Ingredients (%) UOPF 30.
Since the Lampuki fishing season is fast approaching, the Plant Health Directorate would like to emphasise on the importance that palm fronds which are taken from palm trees to be used for the Lampuki fishing season, are free from any symptoms associated with the Red Palm Weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) pest.
In a Benin plantation, emissions under moist conditions were twice as high in the frond piles as in the inter-row (Lamade et al.
Leaf blight: trunk of foxtail palm has arching fronds,which are infected when plant is young due to which leaf spots occur that matures to blights.
State by Ocean Breeze sits on the very tip of the frond and has been inspired by the interplay between light and water to offer a vision of Palm Jumeirah living at its very best.
It will be constructed on two plots, consisting of four towers -- two on each frond -- and each containing 343 apartments, as well as 34 three-bedroom villas, with leasing opportunities available.
The developer added that Jumeirah Heights Fronds will be constructed on two plots of land and will consist of four towers - two on each frond - each containing 343 apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, as well as 34 three-bedroom villas, with leasing opportunities available.
1 illustrates the FTIR spectra of Raw Date Frond AC- 800-10-15 AC-900-10-15 and AC-1000-10-15.
A screw was inserted at the center of the frond to serve as a connection point for acoustic recordings.
Each plant consisted of about 20-50 segmented upright fronds of dif-ferent sizes, emerging from a crustose base; each frond had one to several branches, each ending in an apical meristem (see Johansen, 1981).
We found a negative relationship between frond and necromass , indicating a negative feedback effect, while a positive relationship was observed between frond and rhizome biomass.
2] respectively for the compressed oil palm frond bio-composite board used phenol formaldehyde resin, while the MOR values for urea formaldehyde bio-composite board were 15.
The data were recorded on plant height, number of fronds/plant, plant spread, plant girth, frond length, number of pineae/frond, number of suckers/plant, number of bunches/plant, number of strains/bunch, number of fruits/stain, fruit weight/bunch (kg) and total fruit yield/plant.
1), while in the remaining four (4) animals they were of large frond and sessile type.
6; n = 120), so the total weight of 10 individuals roosting in a palm frond would be ca.