from head to toe

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at all points from head to foot


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We arrived home safely, covered from head to toe in sand, concluding our friend's bachelor party--"Remy's day in the dirt.
Problem is, his Administration is entangled with Enron from head to toe.
Both Santa Clarita Valley girls discovered their passion for ice hockey as tots - while their peers were squealing over their new sequined figure skating dresses, Alyssa and Jessica were bundled from head to toe in hockey pads, their hockey skates almost menacing beside the snow-white figure skates of their friends.
Mindell gives the rundown on body power, from head to toe.
Their unique spring system, in both the mattress and the divan base, has springs running from head to toe to ensure no roll together and total support.
Robed from head to toe in black blankets, the fighters glided nobly around the stage (as though on motorized platforms), their sedate march gradually unfolding into a bravura display as the men and women exploded into action against the enemy, their torsos vibrating with the bursts of fire from their rifles.
Using Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS), the walk-through trace portal operates automatically, passing air gently over a person from head to toe, releasing any particles that are naturally absorbed by or cling to a person's clothing or body.
Most Expensive and Extensive Cosmetic Surgery in history offered as the ideal Holiday Gift to consumers looking to recreate the ultimate human body from head to toe
Drenched from head to toe with melted snow, 11-year-old Matt Rucks flung two fistfuls of snow at his 8-year-old brother Adam as the boys tackled each other and tumbled down an icy hill.