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Synonyms for frolicsome

full of high-spirited fun

Synonyms for frolicsome

given to merry frolicking

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The Bahrain Rugby Football Club is now the scene of much frolicsome feline fun each Friday as almost 100 'cats and kittens' run rampage as they prepare to stage the all-singing, all-dancing family show.
Whether it was Ravel's frolicsome Jeux d'eau or the surprisingly choppy and turbulent waters of Faure's Barcarolle No 5, Grimaud used her astonishingly wide palette of colours and shadings to great effect, conjuring up the twilight of Janacek's In the Mists and the ominously tolling bells of Debussy's La Cathedrale Engloutie, crowned with a scintillating performance of Liszt's Les Jeux D'eau a la Villa d'Este.
Inside, action-packed stories feature a girl tackling a giant crocodile in the Amazon while The Frolicsome Five get up to all kinds of school adventures.
The Pembrokeshire coast is one of the best places to spot the frolicsome greys, but they can often be seen off Swansea Bay, basking in the sun off rocks or leaping from the sea.
Then there's Amy-Cordero's restless and frolicsome side, embodied by "J'entends le Moulin" ("I Hear the Millwheel"), a French-Canadian folk song arranged by Donald Patriquin.
Written in conversational and frolicsome party prose, each story on The Salonniere is like having a tete-a-tete at a fete with your most stylish and in-the-know friend: full of glamour, giggles and good information.
This episode in her life has also influenced the character of Professor Umbridge who has an affinity for frolicsome feline.
There is also a possibility that people, who are not fully aware of the benefits of social software, sidetrack it as a frolicsome, time-wasting medium to share jokes and family photos.
And speaking of sex, movies centering on that theme can be fun or frolicsome or tiresome or unpalatable.
Written by the author of the Inspector Montalbano series, Hunting Season proves a wacky murder mystery reminiscent of Shakespeare's most frolicsome scenes.
Almost from the outset I felt that Tchaikovsky's frolicsome music and Irine Fokine's choreography for the dance opened a portal for me to channel the spirit of this magical and endearing character.
These are grown-up matters of poetry itself--of Montague's own learning to speak, of poetic forebears praised (Yeats, Blake) and damned (Thomas Hardy), of elegies for artists and friends--but Speech Lessons insists that these matters are treated with a seriousness that simultaneously celebrates a frolicsome innocence of youth that returns in old age.
The first movement contains something childishly clumsy, the third as interpreted by Poltera is a canny ditty, while the finale possesses frolicsome brilliance, although the composer's instructions as to the dynamics are respected.
A sense of nurturing care by parent animals who take appropriate shelter with their young is conveyed, while other animals display the frolicsome reaction of enjoyment of the rain.
A young man from Ludhiana who had spent a significant part of his life in Kolkata before moving to Papua New Guinea for two years, Garcha filled me up on Vizag as the waves of the frolicsome Bay rippled on to the beach and the wet air caused minor short circuits around his property as it came in contact with electrical fittings.