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And all that was long before she was snapped frolicking naked with Brad Pitt on a Caribbean beach in pictures which whizzed around the world via the Internet.
One breath, and you'll be dancing in the dreamy Paris Twilight[TM] basking beneath the Bali Moonlight[TM], warming up to a crackling Fireside[TM], gazing upon a Sapphire Glow[TM] or frolicking in a Secret Grove[TM].
Now porpoises have been reported around the Kessock Bridge at Inverness and a small group of dolphins, including a calf, have even been seen frolicking in the firth just yards offshore.
Our voyage is nearly two hours old when the scout plane spots and directs us to an enormous pod of dolphins who are leaping, diving and frolicking by the hundreds along the side of the boat.
The playful movement of children frolicking around the meat hanging in a butcher shop becomes the image of a celebratory ritual.
Backed by a blown-up road map detail--black lines and symbols on white backcloth and floor--Act One starts with enthusiastic dancers frolicking to a Mozart serenade; the steps are ballet, peppered with gender-neutral postmodern partnering.
The latest of these is 28-year-old surgeon Reza Jarrahy, shown frolicking with a topless Davis at the post Mediterranean resort of Calla di Volpe.
An onlooker said: "It seemed like they didn't have a care in the world and didn't mind anyone seeing them frolicking under the sun.
Upon entering the zoo, the first thing visitors will see is an underwater window depicting Rocky and his friends frolicking through the deep.
For instance, the movements and spaces of gold, pink, and lavender peeking from behind an orange screen put my mind on frolicking when I looked at Holiday; the lavenders, beiges, browns, and olives framed by brilliant blue had me imagining Big Sur and Baja as I gazed at Shore Drive; and the Neapolitan colors of Creamsicle had visions of the Good Humor man dancing in my head.
Each venue brought moments of revelation, some poignant, some humorous: Hades kidnapping the frolicking Persephone through a gap in a chain-link fence; pairs of flirtatious Young Lovers secreted away in the shadows of the garden; eight Little Persephones, about five years old, in their white Communion dresses bounding down the stone embankment; Zeus demanding compromise from Olympian heights (the roof of a nearby building); and Persephone hailing a passing vehicle as she and Hades concluded their joyous nuptials.
In fact, this summer Round Table will be giving away 33 frolicking, fun-filled, old-fashioned block parties to prove it.
But these little miracles - two male and one female - were happily frolicking in the sunshine yesterday.
Unfortunately, that was Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore frolicking around on the Busch Stadium infield last Wednesday, allowed to get past security and celebrate next to the Boston Red Sox players after they had just clinched the World Series.
Rumours she was back with DiCaprio surfaced earlier this week after she was seen frolicking in the sand outside the star's Malibu beach house with his two dogs.