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insectivorous bird of Australia and southeastern Asia having a wide frog-like mouth

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The results of this investigation do not support the first part of this hypothesis because 4 of the species treated conservatively (yellow-tailed black cockatoo, Australian magpie, tawny frogmouth, and laughing kookaburra) had mean body weights >300 g.
Tawny Frogmouth The tawny frogmouth is not like many other owls, because it camouflages itself.
We are moreover strongly inclined to suspect that kuang kulit is none other than the frogmouth, but with several mythical traits additional to the attributes of the bugang.
The koalas of Mt Helen make the area particularly special and the abundance of wildlife presently co-existing with residents includes sugar gliders, feathertail gliders, mopoke owls, tawny frogmouth owls, wallabies and possums.
Worn with grey check frogmouth trousers at pounds 24.
Two Tawny frogmouth baby birds, Layla and Reggie practice learning to fly when their parents are away from their nest hunting insects.
The tawny frogmouth which was bred at Pilson Zoo, Czech Republic, can now be seen at Kirkleatham Owl Centre, Redcar.
n Light biscuit coloured trousers with nice detail, for example, Frogmouth pockets or double stitching.
KWAYMULLINA, Ambelin How Frogmouth Found Her Home Fremantle Press, 2010 unpaged $24.
Three species of frogmouth are listed for DSNP, but no records have been adequately documented.
While it is relatively easy to distinguish by sight the group to which a nocturnal bird belongs--owl, nightjar, frogmouth, etc.
While it is to be expected that the perception of any one reviewer about a particular volume will vary, I respectfully disagree in the strongest possible terms with the positive opinions of Pruett-Jones (2009) in a recent review of Tawny Frogmouth (Kaplan 2007).
There are currently 30 titles in this series, Tawny Frogmouth and Bowerbirds among them.
Handbook of the birds of India and Pakistan: together with those of Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Ceylon: Frogmouths to pittas.