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march a person against his will by any method

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carry someone against his will upside down such that each limb is held by one person

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Max Cesar Rauber had claimed he had been tied up and frogmarched into his own home before being forced to hand over keys to DH1 in North Road, Durham, to robbers.
Dear Editor, -The Liberal Democrat leadership sat firmly and squarely on the fence in the lead-up to the Iraq war, taking no real stance of principal, hiding behind the UN, and being frogmarched to a peace rally by the enquiries of a national newspaper.
Louise was then frogmarched on to a plane by armed officers.
But my wife, Selena, practically frogmarched me to A&E.
Frogmarched off the dole, thousands of long-term unemployed people will be forced to take up "jobs" in the councils, or have their benefits cut.
A security guard frogmarched Bob Bailey out of the event, which was to bestow the freedom of the borough on the Royal Anglian Regiment.
But CCTV footage played at Bradford Crown Court showed how he was frogmarched out of the pub and beaten so badly he was unrecognisable to people who knew him.
ONE of three girls who frogmarched two young boys into woods, beat them with a stick and made them strip naked and perform a sex act on each other, was yesterday given a two-year supervision order.
He is frogmarched to a jail cell, where he is held for five hours before the authorities take his DNA and store it in a national database.
He was paraded in front of startled shoppers before being frogmarched 350 yards to the police station, where he was arrested on suspicion of theft.
They frogmarched a sales assistant to the shop's office where they unsuccessfully tried to force her to open the safe.
Twenty-five Eritrean commandos attacked while the Brits slept and frogmarched them 18 miles across the desert.
IT'S not so long ago that we saw the Marr clan frogmarched out of their house after annoying many of the people of Crieff for months.
A man who bit off part of an ear of one victim and frogmarched another at gunpoint has been refused permission to appeal against his conviction.
It is claimed she was frogmarched across the dual carriageway and down a side road, where she was raped